Tabantha Hills

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Tabantha Hills is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom

Breath of the Wild

The Tabantha Hills are a located found just southwest of the Hebra Tower. The Hills includes the Tabantha Village Ruins. As with most of the Hebra region, the temperatures at the Tabantha Hills are bitterly cold. Link will need to wear armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set, in order to survive.

The snow region invites many of the familiar enemies and creatures, such as enemy Ice-Breath Lizalfos, and the cold-climate Cold Darners and Winterwing Butterflies. The Tabantha Village Ruins region is overrun by some strong enemies, including some Black Moblin and Black Lizalfos.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Destroy the acorn in the hollow of the tree log.

Shoot the acorn.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Tabantha Hills is an expansive set of higher elevated terrain, located just north of the main pathway extending from the Lucky Clover Gazette to the South Tabantha Snowfield. On the higher elevation at the west side of the hills, a Lynel can be found patrolling the area.

The Geoglyph of Rauru's palace is in the Tabantha Hills. It contains the Dragon's Tear which gives the memory "An Unfamiliar World".

Open the Door

Main article: Open the Door

Just south of the path and about halfway between the Lucky Clover Gazette and Tabantha Village Ruins, there is a cabin. Inside the cabin, Jogo and Yammo have locked themselves inside to get away from the cold, but monsters have since appeared outside. They will no longer open the door, until Link clears the enemies. This will begin the Open the Door quest. After clearing the enemies, Yammo will give Link a Spicy Elixir.

Tabantha Hills Cave

Main article: Tabantha Hills Cave

The Tabantha Hills Cave can be found at the west end of the Hills, down by the main path. Inside the Cave, there are several Horriblin and a Bubbulfrog.

Korok Seeds

  • Above the cabin where Jogo and Yammo can be found as part of the Open the Door quest, there is a chimney. Walk on top of the chimney and examine the sparkling lights to get the Korok Seed.
  • When traveling from west to east along the path, right when it starts turning to the northeast, there is an enemy camp on the north side of the path. Just up the hill, within the Geoglyph, there is a hanging bottle. Shoot it with an arrow to get the Korok Seed.



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