Dragon's Tear

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Dragon's Tear
Dragon Tear - TotK.jpg
A Dragon's Tear on the ground.


Trigger twelve of the memories of what happened to Zelda after her disappearance



Scattered across Hyrule, see § Locations



Dragon's Tears are small pools of water, formed from the literal tears of the Light Dragon, which trigger memories in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Eleven of the twelve Dragon's Tears are associated with the eleven geoglyphs found around Hyrule. They are not directly visible from a distance, but are camouflaged as solid white tear designs on the individual geoglyphs, most of which also contain hollow tears.

Link learns about them during the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest, when Impa takes him up in her newly-repaired Hot-Air Balloon:

"You know, I read something in the village's old literature—a passage about what the ancients called Dragon's Tears.

"Where the Tears rest upon the earth, we marked down the images to which they gave birth."

I believe this geoglyph is one such "image." [...] But you know...if the literature is correct, one of them should be quite close—near the geoglyph, or even within its borders"

— Impa

When Link discovers the Tear, coming close enough to move past its camouflage, it activates the Recall rune in Link's Zonai right arm. It then glows briefly, before gathering itself up into a ball and floating into the air, before releasing a burst of bright light which imparts to Link a memory of what happened to Zelda after she disappeared in the Hyrule Castle Chasm. Once it has given Link the memory, it bursts like a bubble, leaving only the small hole in the ground where it was before.

After Link discovers all eleven Dragon's Tears contained within geoglyphs, the Light Dragon appears and cries once more, dropping a final Dragon's Tear at Rist Peninsula, which reveals that Zelda is the Light Dragon, having sacrificed her humanity to restore and empower the Master Sword. After Link views this memory, the hole is left surrounded by Silent Princess flowers.


A list of the nearest geographical location, and the memory the Dragon's Tear triggers:

  1. North Hyrule Plain, near New Serenne Stable: "Where Am I?"
  2. Tabantha Hills: "An Unfamiliar World"
  3. Trilby Plain: "Mineru's Counsel"
  4. Batrea Lake: "The Gerudo Assault"
  5. Sapphia's Table: "A Show of Fealty"
  6. Illumeni Plateau: "Zelda and Sonia"
  7. Gogobi Shores: "Sonia Is Caught By Treachery"
  8. North Tabantha Snowfield: "Birth of the Demon King"
  9. Talus Plateau: "The Sages' Vow"
  10. Lake Hylia: "A King's Duty"
  11. Eldin Mountains, north-east of Sikukuu Shrine: "A Master Sword in Time"
  12. Rist Peninsula: "Tears of the Dragon"