New Serenne Stable

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The New Serenne Stable is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

New Serenne Stable can be found on the main road, northwest of Lookout Landing across the Carok Bridge.

If Link feeds the dog that is at the stable four times, the dog will lead Link to a treasure chest just south of the stable which contains a Red Rupee.

Nearby Quests

A Picture for New Serenne Stable

Main article: A Picture for New Serenne Stable

After completing one Regional Phenomena and acquiring the Camera, Link can examine the blank canvas on the wall to begin the quest. Sprinn tasks Link with taking a picture of the Geoglyph that is right nearby at the stable. In order to do so, Link will need to climb up the rock to the northwest, or at the very top of the stable to get a higher vantage point. After showing the picture to Sprinn, he'll paint a reproduction on the wall. Sprinn will award Link with a Pony Point and some Bright Tomato Mushroom Stew.

New Serenne Stable Well

Main article: New Serenne Stable Well

The New Serenne Stable Well can be found along the western fence. With the well, Link can break the boulders on the ground level, causing water to flow out of the well. This allows Link to reach the back of the well where a chest with a Purple Rupee can be found.

Sinakawak Shrine

Main article: Sinakawak Shrine

The Sinakawak Shrine can be found just northwest of the Stable. Titled An Uplifting Device, the shrine involves using fire to cause Balloons to rise, allowing Link to reach higher elevations in the shrine.


  • Cado can be found on the road outside the Stable, keeping a watch over Impa who is in the field investigating Geoglyphs.
  • Zumi will talk to Link about a wagon she recently found, but currently needs building materials and a Horse to make it functional. Talking to Zumi will begin the Horse-Drawn Dreams side quest.
  • Dophi is sitting by a Cooking Pot reading the latest issue of the Lucky Clover Gazette. He will give Link the latest news, ranging from Freezing Temperatures Bring Feathery Shivers to the Rito to Blood Moon Brings Dangerous Nights, and advice for how to deal with each.
  • Ariane works at the Stable, and recently came from the old Rito Stable after it shutdown. She will give Link a free Spicy Elixir.
  • Garshon is sitting outside near the horses. He is upset that his brothers, Akrah and Onya, are still bickering over a legendary beast and legendary weapon they have heard of. Garshon doesn't believe in either of these, and is more interested in nearby Caves and ruins caused by the Upheaval.
  • Akrah and Onya are the brothers of Garshon. They are in the center of the Stable, arguing over legendary weapons and rumored beasts. Akrah doesn't believe that legendary things exist, while Onya doesn't believe in rumors.
  • Sprinn, the shopkeeper, is behind the counter and will provide typical Stable services.
  • Beedle is sitting in the back of the Stable, offering to sell various items that are listed below.


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