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Breath of the Wild
Rito Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
New Serenne Stable

Ariane is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Ariane helps run the Rito Stable where she can be seen sweeping around the place throughout much of the day. Ariane runs the stable with Galli, who she refers to as the master of the stable.[1] At 9pm each evening she will head inside the stable, where she sits and rest at the stool until 5am the next morning. Each morning when she gets up, she'll comment about the weather for the day.[2]

Ariane is a courteous women, welcoming Link to the stable and offering him a bid when he comes by.[3][4] She explains the background of the Rito Stable, and how it got its name from the Rito people who live over at Rito Village.[5]

Tears of the Kingdom

Ariane helps run the New Serenne Stable with Sprinn, where she can be found sweeping the outside area at night. She used to be at the Rito Stable, but moved after the Stable closed down due to the cold weather.

She will give Link a Spicy Elixir for free, as she no longer needs it.



  1. If you'd like to use the stable, speak to the master at the counter. - Ariane
  2. Good morning. It looks like we're going to have beautiful weather today. - Ariane
  3. Hello. Do you need a bed? - Ariane
  4. Ah, a customer. Need a bed? - Ariane
  5. Ha! Are you lost or something? This is Rito Stable. We can help you with horse affairs at the counter outside, or you can stay it he night at the inn inside. If you're wondering why we called this place Rito Stable, well... You see that tower over there? We took our name from the Rito people who live there. - Ariane