Pony Point

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Pony Point
Pony Points Card - TotK icon.png


Obtained from

Visit a Stable
Register a Horse
Stay at an Inn



A Pony Point is an item found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Link is able to receive a Pony Point in three different ways.

  • Visiting a Stable for the first time.
  • Registering a Horse at a Stable.
  • Staying a night at the Inn at any Stable.

Pony Points are tallied to Link's Pony Points Card. At each major stable, Link can use the Pony Points Ledger to cash in his points for various rewards, including a Towing Harness, various Saddles and Bridles, or other goods. When at a stable, the stable owner will inform Link if he has saved up enough Pony Points to get a reward.[1]



  1. Oh! It looks like you've got some points saved up, Link. If you want to get your reward, step up to the side counter where I keep the ledger, then call me over. - Kish