Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit

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Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit
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Defeat Seized Construct and recover Mineru's Secret Stone

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The Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit is a Key Item in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Proof of the vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit. Use it to summon or dismiss the construct containing Mineru's spirit."

Tears of the Kingdom in-game description

When Mineru and Link defeat the Seized Construct in the Spirit Temple, it allows Mineru to recover her Secret Stone and transfer her ghost into it, using her power as Sage of Spirit; before bonding the stone to her construct. She then takes Link into an astral area to speak to him with her own face, and "grant[s her] power unto" Link, embodied as a ring worn on the latter's right middle finger.

This allows Link to summon the construct for use in battle. It can punch enemies directly, or attach materials and Zonai Devices to its hands and back for various effects. Link can also ride it to direct its attacks, or to walk over dangerous substances such as gloom and lava without injury. It cannot be summoned within the boundaries of a town, in mid-air, water or in Shrines of Light.

The construct's attack power can be upgraded by trading four Sage's Wills to a Goddess Statue, upgrading the vow to the Solemn Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit.