Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric

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Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric
Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric - TotK icon.png


Lucky Clover Gazette-style paraglider fabric




Complete two jobs for Lucky Clover Gazette

Obtained from

Traysi via Penn


Alternate paraglider fabric

The Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric is a key item from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Tough fabric bearing a Lucky Clover Gazette design. It looks like it could be used to make a paraglider."

— In-game description

After Link has joined Penn in investigating two Potential Princess Sightings! for the Lucky Clover Gazette, as well as the 50 rupee payment, Penn passes on the Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric from the editor Traysi.[1]

He further passes on the news that he can use it for "something to do with fabrics" at the dye shop in Hateno Village[1]. This refers to Sayge's new paraglider reworking service - Link can have any paraglider fabric, including the Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric, applied to his paraglider for 20 rupees.


  1. 1.1 1.2 "We've worked together to chase 2 of the stories relating to Princess Zelda. Go on and add this to your nest egg, partner. [Purple Rupee] Oh, there's also this... It's from Traysi. [Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric] So Hateno Village's dye shop in Necluda has started up a new service. It has something to do with fabrics. I know, I know. I'm basically giving you an extra job by handing over this fabric, but still... The point is that, by accepting and making use of it, you can show that you're officially part of the Lucky Clover Gazette! It would be nice if Traysi handled things a bit more simply though..." — Penn, Tears of the Kingdom