Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning

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Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning
Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning - TotK icon.png





Defeat Queen Gibdo and obtain Riju's Secret Stone

Obtained from


Summon Riju's avatar

Used by



The Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning is a Key Item in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Proof of the vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning. Use it to summon or dismiss the avatar of Riju."

Tears of the Kingdom in-game description

When Riju and Link defeat Queen Gibdo in the Lightning Temple, it allows Riju to obtain the ancient Gerudo Sage of Lightning's Secret Stone. This allows her to generate an avatar which can fight in her stead and use Riju's Power of Lightning. She then makes a vow that she will stand with Link, and transfers the ability to call the avatar to him, embodied as a ring worn on the latter's right ring finger.

The avatar attacks enemies with two Scimitars of the Seven, and Link can have it use Riju's Power of Lightning to create an electrified dome which strikes any target within it that Link hits using an arrow with a bolt of lightning. It cannot be summoned within the boundaries of a town, in mid-air or in Shrines of Light.

The avatar's attack power can be upgraded by trading four Sage's Wills to a Goddess Statue, upgrading the vow to the Solemn Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning.