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Schema Stone
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Beat up Yiga

Obtained from


Gives schematics to Autobuild various Zonai Vehicles and other builds


Schema Stone is an object from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"These stone slabs depict schematics of things such as Zonai vehicles. Autobuild saves the schematic and builds it on command."

— In-Game Description

After Link first learns the Autobuild ability, he will battle with Master Kohga. After defeating the Yiga Clan leader, the Steward Construct nearby will give Link his first Schema Stone, which contains the Autobuild schematics for a Fanplane. When Link then returns to Josha, she will give Link a second Schema Stone, which has the schematics for a Hot-Air Balloon.

A pictorial list of all the Schema Stones, each given by Steward Constructs except where noted, is:

Note that if Link talks to any of the relevant Steward Constructs (having cleared the Yiga from the area first, where necessary) before he has Autobuild, they will tell him they "have something for [Link]. But [they] do not think [Link is] ready to receive it", and to visit the Great Abandoned Central Mine before returning.