Travel Medallion Prototype

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Travel Medallion Prototype
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Drive Yiga Clan from Akkala Ancient Tech Lab


Upgrade Purah Pad with the Travel Medallion

Travel Medallion Prototype is an item found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Robbie reverse-engineered a travel medallion to make this prototypical version, but it's unusable in its current state because it's missing some important data."

— In-game description

As part of the Presenting: The Travel Medallion!, Robbie can be found at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. He tasks Link with traveling to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab to retrieve this prototype. When Link draws closer to the tech lab, he is confronted by a Yiga Footsoldier and Yiga Blademaster. After defeating them and gaining access to the tech lab, he can open the treasure chest to get the Travel Medallion Prototype. Once he returns to the Hateno Lab, he can show it to Robbie and he'll equip Link's Purah Pad with the first Travel Medallion.