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"This research laboratory was built at the top of a high hill just past Hateno Village. Purah and her assistant Symin conduct their research within. Purah's room is built onto the top of the research lab. A blackboard and a desk occupy the interior, which makes the space feel a little bit like a school."

Creating a Champion, page 269

The Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. It is located on a hilltop in Hateno Village.

Breath of the Wild

The Tech Lab is the residence of Purah and Symin, who develop and experiment with Sheikah technology. Despite her youthful look, Purah is the director of the Tech Lab.[1][2] She has the appearance of a child due to a de-aging experiment that she tried.[3]

The location of the tech lab is high up on the hill, just east of Hateno Village. Despite its proximity to the village, not too much is known about the tech lab among the residents of the village. Many of the children of the town, including Azu and Sefaro, are always on the lookout out to see what's going on at the lab. They have heard rumors from Karin that there is a young Sheikah girl working at the lab, but have been unable to spot her.[4][5][6]

There are several respawning items and weapons surrounding the tech lab. There is a Farming Hoe on the east side of the lab and a Farmer's Pitchfork on the west side of the lab. There is also a Sunshroom at the back of the building.

Main Quest

Main article: Locked Mementos

After Link speaks with Impa at Kakariko Village and completes the Seek Out Impa quest, Impa will task Link with visiting the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. This will begin the Locked Mementos quest where Link must restore the Sheikah Slate from its damaged state. After meeting with Purah, Link will be sent off on a task to bring a Blue Flame from the Ancient Furnace in town to light up the furnace just outside the Tech Lab. This in turn will power up the Guidance Stone located inside the lab. This will also cause a warp point to appear where Link can fast travel to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

After then speaking with Purah, she will use the Guidance Stone to restore the Slate, adding back the Camera Rune functionality. Link can then return to Impa, which will complete the Locked Mementos quest and open up the Captured Memories quest.

Notes and Trivia

  • If Link goes to the Lab directly, Purah will playfully misdirect him into talking to Symin, who then reveals that she's the director.
  • If Link lights up the furnace before going to the Lab, Purah will address Link directly.
  • If Link goes directly to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab before completing the "Seek out Impa" quest, he will be unable to light the fire in the ancient furnace because the receptacle for the fire won't be there.
  • Three lines are drawn on the floor of the Lab, implying that Symin and Purah are constantly bickering about each other's work spaces, dividing the lab with said lines. The line closest to Purah is the most faded one, dividing the lab roughly equally. Considering that Symin is now confined to a corner after the third line has been drawn implies that, in spite of being the messy one, Purah has had the upper hand every time, since her mess encompasses most of the lab.

Related Side Quests

Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb atop the guardian found at the top of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. The easiest place to climb up is the broken guardian's leg.

Climb atop the guardian found at the top of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. The easiest place to climb up is the broken guardian's leg.

Tears of the Kingdom

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  1. Oh, that's right... I haven't introduced our director. Ms. Purah happens to be right over there... As the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab director, Ms. Purah is the world's foremost authority on ancient Hyrule culture. - Symin
  2. I have the utmost respect for Ms. Purah and all she's accomplished. I'm honored to be her assistant. On that note, Link... You see, the director may look like a young girl, but... Well...maybe it's not my place to be telling you these things. You should talk to Ms. Purah herself. - Symin
  3. How very rude! Hm, or perhaps it's not rude at all... I suppose that's actually a rather logical conclusion to jump to. The truth is, I look this way because of a failed experiment. Well, I say "failed," but...in some ways, it was a success. I documented the full affair in my diary upstairs. BUT! The whole thing is embarrassing, so I insist you refrain from reading it! Anyway. Enough about that! Back to the topic at hand! Here you are, after 100 years! Here to defeat Calamity Ganon, who is growing in strength with every passing moment! And to rescue our beloved Princess Zelda! That is, if you've got the courage to try. And to help you one true here, I, the one and only Purah, will restore the basic functions missing from the Sheikah Slate! Aaaand what do you say to thaaaat? - Purah
  4. There's a girl staying up at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab! I saw her come outside! She was right over there! It's true! But when I tried to tell a grown-up about it, they said the only people who've lived there are an old man and old woman... She was a Sheikah girl, I swear! No one ever listens to kids... - Karin
  5. Ummm... I can't see anything if you stand there... I heard that there is a Sheikah-tribe girl who is super cute with really big eyes. Karin said as much! - Azu
  6. A girl from the Sheikah tribe... Is there really one there?... Azu!! Wanna go see if it's true about the little girl?! - Sefaro