Sunshroom Sensing

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Sunshroom Sensing



Slated for Upgrades Side Quest



Take pictures of Sunshrooms for Symin


(3) Hearty Truffles
Ability to purchase pictures for the Hyrule Compendium

Sunshroom Sensing is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


After getting the Sheikah Sensor + upgrade, talk to Symin to start the quest.[1]


Symin has tasked Link with capturing a picture of a Sunshroom that is behind the lab. The quickest way to the back of the building is a back door just to the left of Symin. Literally on the other side of the wall from Symin is a Sunshroom. Take a picture of it and return to Symin.

Symin wants three more Sunshrooms. Use the new Sensor+ feature if you wish to find them, and return them to Symin. Symin suggests visiting the nearby Retsam Forest.[2] After getting three Sunshrooms, return to Symin to claim your reward of three Hearty Truffles.[3][4]

Continue to talk to Symin to complete the quest for an additional offering afterwards. After some explanatory dialogue, you will eventually get an option to purchase pictures for your compendium from Symin for 100 rupees each. This is a significant time and energy saver for completing the compendium, and as the compendium allows you to track whatever you like using Sensor+, a significant upgrade to your Sensor+ options. Note that specific entries cannot be selected for purchase—only the category can be picked.

Note that when using Sensor+, if you have Wolf Link, he can help direct you to your designated target, as long as he is not distracted chasing after enemies and wildlife. However, if that target is edible and he is not at full health, he may eat it before you can catch up to him. But in most cases, this is very helpful and increases the usefulness of Sensor+ even more.

Adventure Log

Step Description
1 The Sheikah Sensor + can detect anything already registered in the Hyrule Compendium. To demonstrate the possibilities, Symin gave you some fieldwork.

Use the Camera to register a sunshroom behind the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, and then report back to Symin.
2 Now that you've registered a sunshroom in the Hyrule Compendium, the Sheikah Sensor + can detect sunshrooms wherever you are.

Go north of Hateno Village to Retsam Forest, and find three wild sunshrooms there. When you have all three, turn them over to Symin.
Complete You gave Symin the three sunshrooms he requested.

Symin helped you see how valuable registering things to your Hyrule Compendium can be. If you have an item registered in your compendium, it's easy to find with the Sheikah Sensor +.



  1. Ah... You've acquired the Sheikah Sensor +! That should really come in handy. With that, you can sense things that you've captured with your Camera. Explaining won't do it justice-why not learn by trying? Let's give it a shot, so to speak. Let's see here. First, go take a picture of a sunshroom with the Camera. There is one behind the lab. - Symin
  2. It seems like you got a picture of a sunshroom! Excellent. Next, open your Hyrule Compendium and tune the sensor to your picture of the sunshroom. The Sheikah Sensor + will then be able to sense sunshrooms! The detailed instructions are written down in the book on the desk there. You should read them. This seems like a nice opportunity to ask if you'd mind bringing me three sunshrooms. You can find sunshrooms growing in Retsam Forest, I believe... The Sheikah Sensor + should make it a snap! - Symin
  3. Good evening. I see you've brought the sunshrooms. OK, now please hand over those three sunshrooms. - Symin
  4. Thank you. Here you go. - Symin