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Pruce (Father)
Amira (Mother)
Ivee (Sister)

Azu is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Azu is a resident of Hateno Village where he lives with his father Pruce, mother Amira, and sister Ivee. The family owns the General Store, the East Wind, and they sleep in the beds located in the stores second story. Azu is the youngest in the family and will sleep until 8am each morning. Each morning Azu runs across town and heads up in the direction of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Azu and his friend Sefaro are doing some investigating, as they have heard from Karin that there is a little girl who occasionally comes out of the tech lab.[1][2][3] The two are referring to Purah, the director of the tech lab. Despite her old age, she resembles that of a child. However, when Azu and Safaro are in place to look, Purah never leaves the tech lab.[4][5][6][7] If Link blocks Azu's vision, he will ask him to move, but hints that there is a super cute Sheikah-tribe girl with big eyes.[8][9]

Azu and Sefaro will remain on the lookout for the bulk of the day. At 8pm, Azu will begin to head back home where he will immediately head back into bed as he is getting sleepy.[10][11] Even while he is sleeping, Azu will keep thinking about the girl at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[12][13]



  1. Woah! Keep your space! Us spies are on a top-secret mission! Don't follow us or you'll blow our cover! - Azu
  2. I wonder if we'll see her today... That girl, I mean... - Azu
  3. We're playing spies. I love espi'nage! - Azu
  4. Is there really a girl there? Sefaro! How do things look over there? - Azu
  5. The girl... She won't come out! - Sefaro
  6. There aren't any girls around here... Was Karin lying to us? Sefaro! How do things look over there? - Azu
  7. No luck! There's nothing here! - Sefaro
  8. Ummm... I can't see anything if you stand there... I heard that there is a Sheikah-tribe girl who is super cute with really big eyes. Karin said as much! - Azu
  9. Hey, hey! I can't see! Move! - Azu
  10. Ughh... I'm so sleepy... - Azu
  11. I'm sleepy, so I'm going home... - Azu
  12. A girl... Zzzz... - Azu
  13. At the research lab... There's a girl... - Azu