Locked Mementos

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Locked Mementos




Complete the Seek Out Impa quest


Speak to Impa in Lady Impa's Hall


Have Sheikah Slate repaired by Purah and report back to Impa







Locked Mementos is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.


When Link arrives at Kakariko Village and meets up with Impa, it will complete the Seek Out Impa main quest objective. After talking to Impa, she realizes that Link's Sheikah Slate is incomplete and suggests that he visit Hateno Village and meet up with Purah and Symin at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. This will begin the Locked Mementos quest, where Link must restore the abilities of the Sheikah Slate.[1][2][3]

Once Link arrives at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and meets Purah, he is tasked with restoring power to the furnace just outside the lab. Purah will task Link with bringing a Blue Flame from the Ancient Furnace near Zelkoa Pond to light the furnace just outside the lab, which will in turn power the Guidance Stone.[4][5][6]

After bringing the flame to the furnace, the guidance stone will now be powered up, so go ahead and speak with Purah once again. She will fix the Sheikah Slate, adding the Camera rune, Hyrule Compendium, and Album missing files.[7] Purah will notice that there are pictures still on the camera and since Link was Zelda's appointed knight, Link was likely present when Zelda used the camera to take those pictures.[8] Purah suggests that Link visit Impa once again as she has a hunch that these pictures can be used to help Link restore his memory.[9]

When revisiting Impa, Link will show her the upgraded Sheikah Slate. Impa recognizes that this is the Camera Princess Zelda used 100 years ago and will task Link in seeking out the locations of the various pictures.[10] [11] This will complete the Locked Mementos main quest, while also beginning the Captured Memories Main Quest.


Complete Seek Out Impa


Adventure Log

Step Description
1 According to Impa, the Sheikah Slate that Zelda left to guide you is incomplete.

The director at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village may know a way to restore the Sheikah Slate's missing components.

Use the map to find the location of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and its director.
2 The Hateno Ancient Tech Lab's director can't fix the Sheikah Slate until the Guidance Stone is operational again. The only way to power the Guidance Stone is to light the furnace on the outer wall of the tech lab with a blue flame.

Carry the blue flame from the ancient furnace in Hateno Village to the tech lab, and use it to light the lab's furnace.
3 The blue flame in the furnace is now powering the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab's Guidance Stone.

Report to the director so that she can repair your Sheikah Slate.
4 Purah has fixed the Sheikah Slate, restoring the last of its basic runes from 100 years ago.

Snap an image of Purah using the Camera rune!
5 You proved the Camera works again by capturing an image of Purah!

According to Purah, the album already has pictures from the past in it.

Where could these have come from? Impa in Kakariko Village may have the answer.
Complete You let Impa know that the basic runes of the Sheikah Slate have been restored.

She told you that the pictures in the album are Zelda's memories from 100 years ago.

Visit the various spots shown in the images Zelda left behind to recall your own memories from that era!


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