Cliffside Etchings

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Cliffside Etchings



Speak with Geggle at the Tabantha Bridge Stable


Shoot the etching on the cliff with a Shock Arrow


Cliffside Etchings is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

When Link arrives at the Tabantha Bridge Stable, he will meet up with a man named Geggle. During the daytime, Geggle will travel up on the ledge just north of the shrine and looks out towards the Gerudo Summit. When Link speaks to him, he points out an etching that he can see in the cliff. He mentions that if he were chock-full of energy, he would take a closer look himself.[1][2] This will begin the shrine quest.

Initiating the quest is not absolutely necessary for the shrine to be uncovered.


The objective here is to reach the target etching on the cliffside. Link can climb up the Cliffs of Ruvara, as it is a nice, gradual slope, leading towards the etching at the wall. When Link gets closer, there is a massive wind geyser that Link can use with his Paraglider, to get right up to the etching.

Link can then use a Bow to shoot a Shock Arrow right at the center of the etching. It is a bit precise and Link will need to hit the center of the pedestal. Using a bow designed for distance, such as a Golden Bow is recommended. It is also recommended to hit the target while riding the wind geyser. It's a bit finicky, but successfully doing so will cause the Keeha Yoog Shrine to appear.

Keeha Yoog Shrine

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The Keeha Yoog Shrine is just a blessing shrine. Inside there is a single treasure chest that has a Diamond. Run up to the altar to speak with Keeha Yoog to get the Spirit Orb.