Divine Beast Vah Medoh (Main Quest)

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Divine Beast Vah Medoh





Complete Seek Out Impa Main Quest and begin Free the Divine Beasts


Speak with Kaneli at Rito Village


Free the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and report to Kaneli.







Divine Beast Vah Medoh is a Main Quest from Breath of the Wild. Part of the overarching Free the Divine Beasts Main Quest, it requires defeating Windblight Ganon to recover Revali's spirit and the titular Divine Beast Vah Medoh.


As part of the Free the Divine Beasts main quest, Link is pointed in the direction of Rito Village.


Link can begin the quest by speaking with the village elder Kaneli at the very top of Rito Village.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Kaneli, elder of Rito Village, wants you to help a local soldier named Teba. You offered your assistance, but first you must find the soldier.

Teba's wife Saki may know where he is. Ask around Rito Village to gather more information.
You found Saki and asked where Teba went. It sounds like he headed for the Flight Range.

Search the Flight Range for Teba.
You found Teba at the Flight Range, but he has no intention of returning to the village before Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been appeased.

He intends to appease the Divine Beast himself. You had better help him out.
Teba won't let you anywhere near Divine Beast Vah Medoh unless you can at least hit the targets at the Flight Range.

If you catch an updraft with your paraglider, it'll carry you high into the sky. Use this technique to destroy five targets with arrows within the time limit to prove yourself to Teba.
You proved your mettle by hitting the targets at the Flight Range.

When it comes time to battle Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Teba will draw the focus of its attacks so you can focus on destroying its cannons.

Teba will carry you into the sky where Divine Beast Vah Medoh awaits.
The battle with Divine Beast Vah Medoh has begun!

Use the paraglider to launch into the air for a good vantage point, and then take out all the cannons with your bomb arrows.But be careful—if you get too close, you'll run into the Divine Beast's barrier!
You destroyed all of Divine Beast Vah Medoh's cannons and landed on its back, but Teba suffered injuries and had to retreat.

You must finish what you both started. Enter Divine Beast Vah Medoh on your own to stop it once and for all!
You defeated Windblight Ganon, which had infested the insides of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

The Divine Beast has been enshrined at the highest point of Rito Village, and moreover, it looks like Teba was able to safely return to Rito Village. Go report to Kaneli.
You reported to Kaneli that Divine Beast Vah Medoh has regained its senses.

Your efforts have earned you the power of the Champion Revali, Revali's Gale.