Free the Divine Beasts

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Free the Divine Beasts



Complete the Seek Out Impa quest


Complete the four individual Divine Beast Main Quests


Individual quest rewards.
Deplete Calamity Ganon's health by half at the start of the boss fight.

Free the Divine Beasts is a Main Quest found in Breath of the Wild. To complete it, the four individual Divine Beast Main Quests must be completed, by destroying the Blight Ganon controlling them, freeing the trapped Champion's spirit and receiving their power, then reporting to the elder of the relevant people that the quest is completed.


Link is given this quest by Impa, who tells him there are four Divine Beasts which must be freed. These are:

Link must defeat the "Ganon phantoms", each Blight Ganon who killed and trapped the spirit of the Champion piloting one of the Divine Beasts, in order to release the Champions' spirits and free them to use the Divine Beasts to help Link in his fight against Calamity Ganon. They will also give Link a power they possess to help him in later battles.

Once the quest is complete, Zelda will contact you telepathically to tell you, thank you for freeing the Champions, and urge you to fight Ganon at Hyrule Castle.

For each Divine Beast freed, at the start of the Calamity Ganon fight, they will contribute to a massive blast which will take an eighth of his health apiece, for a total of half his health if the quest is completed. Any Blight Ganons not defeated separately will have to be defeated by Link before the true Calamity Ganon.