The Thunder Helm

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The Thunder Helm




Examine the helm beside Riju in Gerudo Town


Complete 4 specific Gerudo Town side quests given by Gerudo


The Thunder Helm is a side quest in Breath of the Wild to earn the right to borrow the titular Thunder Helm.



To start this quest, examine the Thunder Helm next to Riju and tell her you want it. Basically, this quest requires that you complete all the other Gerudo Town Side Quests (which are given by Gerudo), two of which do not become available until you start this quest first. The quests to complete are:

Once you complete all four side quests, return to complete the quest and get the Thunder Helm.

Note: The following quests are not requirements for this quest, albeit they originate from or are associated with Gerudo Town:

Quest Description

Active Quest

The Thunder Helm has been passed down as a prized treasure of the Gerudo since Urbosa's time. It doesn't seem like they'll just give it to you, but if you're able to solve all the town's problems, they'll at least lend it to you.

Completed Quest

You solved the problems of everyone in town!

Riju gave you the Gerudo's symbol of friendship, and you got the Thunder Helm!