The Secret Club's Secret

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The Secret Club's Secret





Get the password for the Gerudo Secret Club


Access to the Gerudo Secret Club

The Secret Club's Secret is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.



Directly behind the Fashion Passion armor shop in Gerudo Town there is a locked door. When Link tries to enter, a Gerudo woman named Greta will talk to him, asking what the password is.[1]. The password consists of three letters, followed by a symbol.[2][3][4] If Link incorrectly guesses the password, Greta tells Link to go and drink some milk at the bar, which will begin the quest.[5] If he incorrectly guesses the password, he'll have to wait 24-hours until he can attempt to do it again.

Over at The Noble Canteen, there are a trio of Gerudo women, including Yaido, Pyra, and Sumati. Link can listen in on their conversation and Yaido is about to give away the password. Sumati realizes that Link is eavesdropping and prevents Yaido from giving away the password. Just above Yaido, there is a window and if Link goes to the bedroom next door, he can listen through the wall to hear the conversation. Yaido will reveal the password to be GSC♦.

Link can revisit the locked door and give the proper password to enter the building. Here he will find Greta and enter the Gerudo Secret Club. As soon as Link speaks with Greta, this will complete the quest.

Inside, Link is able to purchase the Desert Voe Set and Radiant Set. In addition to rupees, Link will need some Luminous Stones to purchase the Radiant Set.


Adventure Log

Step Description
The clothes shop Fashion Passion has a secret entrance where only members can get in. To gain entrance, you need a secret password known only to members. It seems that once you give the wrong password, you won't be able to try again for an entire day.
You discovered the secret password.

The password is "GSC♦."

Now you can go in whenever you want.