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Yaido is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Yaido can be found in the lounge at The Noble Canteen where she is sitting alongside her friends, Pyra and Sumati. The three will be gossiping and Yaido hints that she finally got the password for the Gerudo Secret Club, found at the southeast part of town.[1] Sumati and Pyra are both interested in hearing the password, and are waiting for Yaido to spill the beans.[2][3] Just before Yaido is about to tell the password, Sumati will interrupt her, as she sees Link eavesdropping on their private conversation.[4][5]

The Secret Club's Secret

Main article: The Secret Club's Secret

At the southeast part of town, Link can try to enter one of the buildings, but the Gerudo woman Greta asks him to tell her the password. This consists of four multiple choice questions and Link will need to give the proper password to gain access to the Secret Club. Unsuccessfully guessing the password will begin The Secret Club's Secret side quest.

While Yaido knows the password, she won't say it when Link is right there in the bar with her friends. However, there is a small window right above where Yaido is sitting. If Link goes next door, he can listen in on the conversation between the three women. While they are annoyed with Link listening in on the conversation, Yaido will finally give out the password, which is GSC♦.[6][7][8] The GSC in the password stands for the Gerudo Secret Club, but the women are confused as to what the ♦ stands for.[9][10]


  1. Oh, I was going to tell you... I finally got my hands on the password for you-know-where. - Yaido
  2. Seriously? Wow... That place is a little crazy, isn't it? - Sumati
  3. Maybe, but I'm really interested... - Pyra
  4. Anyway, the password is... - Yaido
  5. What a second! You!! Did you really think we wouldn't see you standing there, listen to our conversation?! So rude! This is a private conversation! Go away! - Sumati
  6. What was up with that little Hylian vai earlier, anyway? - Sumati
  7. Forget her! Just hurry up and tell us the password, Yaido! - Pyra
  8. Oh, that's right, the password! It's GSC♦. I overheard Saula talking about, so I'm sure that's right! - Yaido
  9. GSC♦? What could that... Oh, I get it. Gerudo Secret Club-GSC. What what's the ♦ at the end mean? - Sumati
  10. Who knows... - Yaido