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Greta is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Greta is a Gerudo who runs the Gerudo Secret Club, located in Gerudo Town. The club is the only place in Hyrule where Link can purchase the Radiant Set.

The Secret Club's Secret

Main article: The Secret Club's Secret

Initially when Link tries to enter the club, he will hear Greta talking to him through the door, asking Link to provide the password to get in.[1][2][3][4] This will initiate the side quest, The Secret Club's Secret. If Link provides the incorrect password, Greta will yell at Link, telling him to go drink milk in the bar.[5] Where as if he gets the right password, she welcomes him in.[6]

In order to learn the password, Link will need to visit Yaido, Sumati, and Pyra, who are sitting in the lounge over at The Noble Canteen. Yaido knows the password and is about to say it out loud.[7] Before she can do so, Sumati will notice Link eavesdropping on the conversation and will cut it off.[8][9]

If Link goes next door, he can listen in on the conversation between the three women through the window. While they are annoyed with Link listening in on the conversation, Yaido will finally give out the password, which is GSC♦.[10][11][12] The GSC in the password stands for the Gerudo Secret Club, but the women are confused as to what the ♦ stands for.[13][14]

Link can then return to the club and provide the proper password. Greta will let him in and welcome him as a visitor, completing the quest.[15]

Gerudo Secret Club

Main article: Gerudo Secret Club

Greta runs the Secret Club, which serves as a shop where Link can purchase the Radiant Set and the Desert Voe Set. The store is always dark inside, although Greta does prefer it this way.[16][17] When Greta chats with Link, she quickly figures out that Link is in fact a man.[18] One of the reasons the shop is a secret is that it is illegal in Gerudo Town to sell clothing designed for a man. She knows that Link shouldn't be there and also that she's doing something illegal by selling male clothing, but she wants to move beyond and just do business.[19][20]

Just as any other merchant, Greta will purchase goods off of Link. However, she won't pay any more than any other trader would.[21][22][23]


  1. ...What's the password? - Greta
  2. And what comes next? - Greta
  3. And after that? - Greta
  4. And what comes last? - Greta
  5. Go drink milk in the bar or something! - Greta
  6. All right... You can come in. - Greta
  7. Oh, I was going to tell you... I finally got my hands on the password for you-know-where. - Yaido
  8. Anyway, the password is... - Yaido
  9. What a second! You!! Did you really think we wouldn't see you standing there, listen to our conversation?! So rude! This is a private conversation! Go away! - Sumati
  10. What was up with that little Hylian vai earlier, anyway? - Sumati
  11. Forget her! Just hurry up and tell us the password, Yaido! - Pyra
  12. Oh, that's right, the password! It's GSC♦. I overheard Saula talking about, so I'm sure that's right! - Yaido
  13. GSC♦? What could that... Oh, I get it. Gerudo Secret Club-GSC. What what's the ♦ at the end mean? - Sumati
  14. Who knows... - Yaido
  15. Hey... I haven't seen your face around here before... Hmm... Heh heh heh... Looks like we've got outselves a rare visitor. - Greta
  16. Sav'saaba. Elsewhere it might be sav'otta or sav'aaq, but here it's always sav' saaba. - Greta
  17. The bright light of the sun doesn't agree with me. I haven't paid my respects to it for many years... - Greta
  18. Have you ever noticed how the darker it is, the more beautiful the light becomes? Isn't it great, young voe? Er, young vai? - Greta
  19. This is the Gerudo Secret Club, or GSC for short. This is the only shop in Gerudo Town where someone could buy clothes meant for a voe to wear. Despite it being illegal to sell voe clothing in this town, there is a high demand for such things. I've never seen a voe disguise himself as a vai like you have, though... We each have something to hide, I suppose. Let's ignore that and move on to business. - Greta
  20. Haha, don't worry... Your secret is safe with me. - Greta
  21. I suppose I could. But I won't be paying more than any other trader would. Thought I'd love to pick up something rare, if you've got anything like that... - Greta
  22. I'd be happier if it were something more uncommon... - Greta
  23. Heehee, if it's OK with you, I'd gladly take something off your hands. - Greta