Gerudo Secret Club

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Gerudo Secret Club
Gerudo Secret Club exterior - BOTW Wii U.jpg
Front door



The Gerudo Secret Club is a location in Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Located at the east side of Gerudo Town, the entrance is locked and Greta, the Gerudo that runs the club, will require Link to give the appropriate password in order to enter. This begins The Secret Club's Secret side quest where Link must learn the password. He eventually does so when Yaido, Sumati, and Pyra, are talking about the club over at the lounge at The Noble Canteen. While they won't give the password to Link, Link is able to listen in on their conversation through the window next door to find that the password is GSC◆.

Gerudo Secret Club interior - BOTW Wii U.jpg

Inside, Link will met with Greta, who runs the club. The club serves as a secret armor shop where Link can purchase the Radiant and Desert Voe outfits.

Radiant Set

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The Radiant Set will cost Link 2,400 Rupees and 9 Luminous Stones and has 2 Set Bonuses. The first one lets Link be in disguise and walk around Stal-enemies without being attacked right away. The second bonus allows for an increased attack power when using bone weapons.

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Desert Voe Set

Main article: Desert Voe Set

The Desert Voe Set will cost Link 2,400 rupees. When each piece is worn, it will give Link one level of Heat Resistance, up to the maximum of Level 2. Unlike the Gerudo Clothes, Link will not be able to enter Gerudo Town while wearing this particular set.

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