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Estan is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Estan is a Gerudo meat merchant in Gerudo Town. Unlike some of the other Gerudo merchants, Estan goes out of her way trying to speak the language of Hylians, although she frequently mispronounces some of the common words, such as saying "good effernoon", "good mauning", and "tank you.".[1][2]

Estan loves meat and sells three types of cooked meat, including Seared Steak, Seared Prime Steak, and Seared Gourmet Steak.[3] Although Estan seems a bit annoyed with the nearby Rito, Frita, who is giving Estan the stink eye.[4] It turns out that Frita prefers to eat poultry instead of steak, of which Estan does not sell that.[5]

Products & Prices

Material Icons Quantity Price
Seared Steak.png
Seared Prime Steak.png
Seared Gourmet Steak.png


  1. Good effernoon! What do you eat for lunch? - Estan
  2. I once traveled across all of Hyrule, searching for the best meats ever. I learned some of the correct ways to say common Hylian words. Just the basics, like "tank you" and "good mauning." Pretty amazing, huh? - Estan
  3. You must mean... Meat!!! That's what you meant, right? Because it's so good! - Estan
  4. That Rito vai keeps shooting me the stink eye... Does she have something against meat? No that's impossible... - Estan
  5. You really think I'm putting too much thought into it? Maybe you're right. Gerudo Town is so different from home... I live in Rito Village. We don't get many visitors there, so I'm not really familiar with non-Rito... But now that I'm here, I should enjoy myself! I wanted to start by trying out some of the meat here, but... Well, they don't seem to have poultry. - Frita