1.1 Getting the Telescope

After the neat little introduction sequence your sister Aryll will come and wake you. She notifies you that today is your birthday, and that your grandma is waiting for you back at the house. Climb down the ladder nearby and run over to the westernmost house on the western island and enter it. Go up the ladder inside and you’ll find your Grandma.

She will give you a replica of the clothing once worn by the Ancient Hero, mentioning that the clothes need to be worn for the rest of the day. She also mentions to you that this is the day you become the same age as the young hero spoken of in the legend. It is the day boys were considered to be men and they were taught the ways of a sword so they could do battle with their enemies. She mentions that Orca is the only one on the island that still knows anything about swordplay. She tells you that she is planning a party and asks you to go and find Aryll. Head back outside.

Run to the eastern part of the island and climb up the ladder to the tower. Speak with Aryll and she’ll give you your birthday present: her Telescope.

Aryll will then tell you to look at your house from here. Pull out the telescope and focus in on your house. Use the telescope to zoom in on the postman, who will then start to panic. Move the telescope up to the sky and you will see a large bird carrying a young girl. This bird is being pursued by a pirate ship attempting to hit the bird with cannonballs. The bird looks back and gets hit in the face, losing its grip on the girl and dropping her into the forest on the island. Aryll tells you the girl needs help, but that it’s too dangerous to go alone.

1.2 Forest of Fairies

Climb back down the ladder and walk over to the other side of the island. Walk over to the house nearby and the old man standing on top will start yelling at you. Climb the ladder on the right and head in the door at the top. Sturgeon will begin talking to you and then proceed to get upset when a pot is knocked off of a shelf and breaks. He starts stomping on the floor and yelling at the person who lives below him. He tells you his younger brother Orca knows how to fence and spends his day training.

Head back outside and climb down the ladder. Enter the lower level of the house and speak with Orca. He asks if you want instruction in using the sword. Answer yes and follow all his instructions on using the sword. There are six different moves: The horizontal slice (B), Vertical Slice (L-Target + B), Stab (Forward + B), Spin Attack (Press and hold B), Parry Attack (L-Target and press A when you see the burst), and Jump Attack (L-Target + A). If you pass all of Orca’s tests he will give you the Hero’s Sword.

Leave Orca’s house and head back to the other side of the island.

Walk up the ridge found on the side of the house and cut down the trees you see at the top. Continue along the path, then cross the bridge at the top and enter the forest.

A cutscene will immediately show the girl hanging from a tree. Go up the ridge to the right and drop off the ledge. There is a Blue Bokoblin guarding the tree stump nearby. Use a couple of quick sword slashes to defeat it.

Once the Bokoblin is dead, crawl through the log nearby for 20 rupees. Jump onto the stump that the Bokoblin was standing in front of and hop across to the ledge. Take note of the boulder to the right and continue straight, climbing on the fallen tree to get higher.

Drop down to the next area and two more Bokoblins will drop from the sky. Kill these as well and another cutscene will initiate.

The girl will soon wake up and fall off the tree. A pirate named Gonzo comes into the woods screaming that the girl’s name is Tetra and he is glad she is safe. Tetra quickly runs off, leaving Gonzo and Link to follow her back outside. Link follows them out of the forest and Aryll yells at him from across the bridge. Link waves back and Aryll begins crossing the bridge. The giant bird soon comes back and snatches Aryll! She screams for Link, who charges after her and is caught by Tetra before he falls to the water below.

Link asks Tetra if he can travel with them, but Tetra refuses. The postman Quill interjects and explains why Tetra should allow Link to travel with them. Tetra tells you that if you find a shield she’ll permit you to travel with them.

Head back to your house and climb up the ladder to get the shield, only to find that it has gone missing. Go back down the ladder and speak with your grandma. She asks if you’re looking for the shield and tells you to take it with you.

Grandma starts crying about the loss of Aryll and asks how something could take such a sweet child. Once you head back outside, you can now speak with Tetra. If you are ready to set sail, Link will get on the pirate ship and will leave Outset Island. However, Link won’t be able to return for quite awhile. There are some optional goodies for Link to collect here on the island, but they are all completely optional.

1.3 Rupees on Outset Island

Before setting sail there are a ton of rupees to collect here on Outside Island. There is also a side-quest that involves collecting the pigs on Outset Island, which eventually leads to a piece of heart much later in the quest. Nothing in this section is required as of now, so you can skip ahead and set sail with the pirates.

NOTE: In the HD version of The Wind Waker the initial wallet holds 500 rupees. However, if you are playing the GameCube version, the initial wallet only holds 200 rupees. It might be best to hold off on getting all of the rupees here, as your wallet will quickly fill up later.

Optional: Orange Rupee (100 Rupees)

Crawl under the porch of your house and enter the hole at the end. Open the chest inside for a whopping orange rupee, worth 100 rupees. Exit the room and crawl back outside.

Optional: Pig Gathering (60 Rupees)

East of your house you should find a man lying down in the grass named Abe. Speak to Abe and he will tell you he’s trying to catch the pig nearby. Crawl across the ground and sneak up on the pig, then grab it. Head back towards your house, but turn left and walk up the pathway. You’ll notice a pen with Abe’s wife Rose inside. Throw the pig into the pen and speak with Rose, who will give you 20 rupees for bringing the pig. She also mentions that she wouldn’t mind having more of them.

There are two more pigs around the island. The first pig is located on the pathway between the pen and your house. Grab this pink pig and return it to the pen, then speak with Rose again for another 20 rupees.

The last pig is located on the eastern side of the island. Walk over the bridge and climb up to the lone house. Catch the pig on the side of the house and give it to Rose for another 20 rupees.

Optional: More Rupees

Once all the pigs have been caught, you can get some extra cash by scaling the fence up to the roof of Abe and Rose’s house. Hop on the fence and walk to the wall. Jump onto the top of the watering hole, and then continue making your way up the roof and drop into the hole at the front of the roof.

Lift the pots here and throw them to find some extra rupees once they break. You can break these pots multiple times throughout the game whenever you need more rupees. Head back outside and walk halfway across the bridge. Speak with Joel and he will tell you that if you run as fast as you can you can jump. Run and jump to the rocks in the sea to get the 15 rupees.

Optional: Even More Rupees (20 Rupees)

Walk inside the house on the west side of the island and crawl underneath the bed where there is a green rupee. Crawl through the hole and open the chest inside for 20 rupees. Head back outside and crawl under the porch of the same house for another rupee.

Bait Bag, Hyoi Pear, All-Purpose Bait

Next to the large pirate ship there is a much smaller boat. This is Beedle’s Shop Ship and you can climb aboard to meet Beedle.

You can purchase the Bait Bag first for 20 rupees. Then buy at least one Hyoi Pear and at least two pieces of All-Purpose Bait. All-Purpose Bait is never required in the quest, but will be helpful. The Hyoi Pears on the other hand have several optional uses, but will be required significantly later on in the game.