Tetra's Pirates

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Tetra's pirate crew are the six pirates that, before the storyline of The Wind Waker, Tetra traveled around the Great Sea plundering as normal pirates with. Even through Tetra is significantly younger than most of her crew, they still fear and respect her greatly. Before Tetra commanded them, it was her mother's duty. Not much is known about each of the pirates, but they each have their own distinct personalities, though they all respect Tetra and her deceased mother greatly.

The Crew

  • Tetra is the leader of the group.
  • Gonzo is the highest in rank of the pirates, next to Tetra herself. His duty is to steer the ship.
  • Nudge is Tetra's decision making counselor, and also is the strongest pirate of the crew.
  • Senza is very talented in persuading people, and is the only pirate to have a beard. According to Aryll, he is also a good storyteller.
  • Zuko is in charge of the lookout on the ship.
  • Mako is considered the 'brains' of the crew, and is extremely talented at inventing.
  • Niko is the lowest ranked of the pirates, and constantly bets the pirates' goods with Link, though he always loses.


Though Tetra and her crew are most famous for their major role in the The Wind Waker, they also appeared briefly in Phantom Hourglass. They never are part of the actual game play, but rather appear in small cut scenes in the beginning and end of the game.