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Artwork from Breath of the Wild




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The Wind Waker
Blue Bokoblin
1-4 Heart.png Kick
1-4 Heart.png Wooden Stick
Green Bokoblin
1-4 Heart.png Kick
1-4 Heart.png Sword Swing
Pink Bokoblin
1-4 Heart.png Kick


The Wind Waker
Blue & Pink Bokoblin
Hero's Sword - 5 hits
Master Sword - 3 hits
Skull Hammer - 2 hits
Bombs - 2 hits
Arrow - 3 hits
Fire Arrow - 2 hits
Ice Arrow - 2 hits
Light Arrow - 1 hit
Green Bokoblin
Hero's Sword - 6 hits
Master Sword - 1 hit
Skull Hammer - 2 hits
Bombs - 1 hit
Arrow - 2 hits
Fire Arrow - 2 hits
Ice Arrow - 2 hits
Light Arrow - 1 hit
In General

Bokoblins are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They appear as humanoid creatures with long ears and come in a variety of colors. These enemies often wield weapons and attempt to attack Link if he comes within their range of sight.


Bokoblins are humanoid mammals that are roughly similar to a Hylian in size and proportions but with longer arms and ears. Bokoblin hair seems to usually be white and their skin colors shades of red or blue.

Bokoblins are omnivorous creatures that eat both veggies and meat. Bokoblins may not know how to swim as in all appearances Bokoblins are killed when they go in deep water.

In The Wind Waker, Bokoblins have; fur, batlike ears, piglike noses, arrow shaped tails, a horn on their forehead, and three fingers.

In Twilight Princess, Bokoblins have a more humanoid appearance with: Hylian like ears, noses instead of snouts, no tail, and five fingers.

In Skyward Sword, Bokoblins have an appearance resembling Oni from Japanese mythology. They have: rotund noses, no tail, floppy ears, two black horns on top of their head, five fingers and white hair.

In Breath of the Wild, Bokoblins appear similar to their The Wind Waker but without tails and slightly larger snouts.


Bokoblins are a usually malevolent race that has existed in Hyrule since ancient times. Bokoblins worshipped the Demon King Demise and in the sky era, worked under Ghirahim. Since the rise of Demise's reincarnation, Ganon, Bokoblins have followed him since. Many Bokoblins seem to work as thieves and pirates, taking from other races. Besides their relationship with the various Demon Kings, Bokoblins get along with other monsters and seem to view Moblins and Lizalfos as leadership figures.

Bokoblins appear to live in settlements made out of wood and rocks such as treehouses or forts. Occasionally Bokoblins are seen in more advanced settlements. It would also seem like many Bokoblins are nomadic with most of their settlements being temporary. Bokoblins appear to enjoy fashion, prizing items like Joy Pendants, tiger striped underwear

The Bokoblins have adapted for the Great Sea era by learning how to sail ships, and rafts. Bokoblins are able to operate machinery like spotlights and wooden submarines, however it is unknown if Bokoblins invented these devices themselves, had the schematics given to them, or were gifted with them.

Most Bokoblins use weapons made out of wood and bone and all known Bokoblin made weapons are made out of these materials. Most Bokoblins wear little clothing outside of torn leather or fur, due to this Bokoblins fear bees. The Bokoblins who worked under Scervo had figured out how to copy the designs of the Ancient Robots tech and use it for themselves. These Bokoblins wore advanced armor and taser like weapons.

Bokoblins hunt many animals and scrounge areas for food. Bokoblins know how to tame and ride horses, horses kept by Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild have high affection and familiarity with being ridden. Unlike Hylians, Bokoblins do not appear to use a saddle or reins for their animals.

The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker Bokoblin Art

Bokoblins make their debut appearance in The Wind Waker. They are a simple enemy that are fairly easy to defeat, being the first enemy Link fights in the game. They come in three variations: Blue, Green, and Pink. They occasionally drop Joy Pendants after being defeated. Alternatively, Link can use his Grappling Hook to steal their Joy Pendants.

Blue Variation

The Blue Variation is the simplest one, as Link can find them weaponless, and thus, defenseless. If they are holding a weapon, it is either a Boko Stick, or a large sword.

Green Variation

The Green Variation is stronger than the Blue, as they wield large swords and have shields, which they use to block Link's attacks.

Pink Variation

The Pink Variation is probably the weakest kind of them all, as the only weapon that it carries is a telescope. These Bokoblins are only found on watch towers or rafts around the Great Sea.

Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess Purple Bokoblin

The Bokoblins in Twilight Princess come in two variants: Red and Purple. The two variants are mostly identical, the only major difference being that the Red variety can withstand much more damage than their Purple counterparts.

Purple Bokoblins are fairly weak, and usually can be defeated quite easily, even with the Wooden Sword. They are encountered frequently in Faron Woods near the beginning of the game. They attack with wooden clubs, but do only a small amount of damage. They can generally be defeated in four hits with the Wooden Sword, and even less than that once a better sword is obtained. Arrows are also effective against them, and they can be stunned with the Slingshot or Gale Boomerang. Later in the game, Purple Bokoblins are almost entirely replaced with Red ones.

The Red Bokoblins are very similar to the Purple ones, but have a few important differences, most prominently the fact that they can take much more damage. Some of them also carry wide, one-edged swords instead of wooden clubs, increasing their attack power. Despite their increased durability and attack, the Red Bokoblins have the same simplistic attack patterns as their Purple counterparts. The recommended method of defeating them is to either get them into a prone position with a larger strike, (such as the Jump Attack, Spin Attack, or the Back Slice) and use the Ending Blow; stun them with a Shield Attack and then use the Helm Splitter; or to put away Link's Sword and use the Mortal Draw. All of these attacks finish them off in one hit. When in groups, it is recommended to use the Jump Strike (if it has been unlocked) to quickly dispatch or stun most of them.

Bokoblins can be found in the Faron Woods, Forest Temple, Hyrule Field, Kakariko Gorge, Cave of Ordeals, and Hyrule Castle.

Skyward Sword

Bokoblins have a much different visual look in Skyward Sword, taking on a more Moblin-like appearance. Some of them have small caps on top of their heads, wear bandannas or masks, and sometimes even have beards. These differences do not seem to have an effect on how they battle. They also have an apparent affinity for exotic undergarments.[1]

Bokoblins are common enemies, found in almost every location throughout the game. When they detect Link's presence (except for the Bokoblin Archers), they sprint toward him and strike at him with their weapons. Some also hold horns which they blow to call out reinforcements. These are the most common enemy in the game, and are found in every region.

Red Bokoblin

The Red Bokoblin is the standard Bokoblin. They are the most common and the weakest. They come in three different types: normal ones that wield swords or clubs, Archers, and Leaders.



This version of the Red Bokoblin has two black horns on its head and wears a leather vest and loincloth. Normal Bokoblins wield rusty machete-like swords when found in Faron Woods and a club covered in spiny green vines when found around Eldin Volcano and block Link's slashes. They move the sword from left to right, or hold it up, blocking directional attacks from Link's blade.

There are two main ways to defeat this type. Link can perform a carefully timed shield bash when they attack staggering them making an opening in their defense. This way is only useful when facing a single Bokoblin.

The second method of defeating them is taking the offensive and attacking the area that is not blocked by its weapon. This is a better tactic when facing multiple enemies because hitting a Bokoblin also staggers them leaving them open for additional attacks.

They occasionally drop Ornamental Skulls or Golden Skulls when defeated.


Red Bokoblin (Leader)

Red Bokoblin Leaders have the same look and tactics as the sword Bokoblins, the only difference being the blue cap it wears and the horn it carries.[2] If a Leader spots Link, it utilizes its horn as an alarm calling for backup. In the beginning, the only way to get rid of this horn is to defeat the Leader. However, once Link has completed the Ancient Cistern and obtained the Whip, he can now use it to steal the horn from the Leader's waist belt. This does not defeat the Bokoblin; it simply steals the horn.

They occasionally drop a Monster Horn when defeated.



Archers are characterized by a skull cap and a bandanna covering its mouth. Every different colored Bokoblin Archer behaves generally the same way. When they spot Link, they raise an alarm much like the Bokoblin Leaders. Archers attack from a distance.[3] Although the Archers range can be dangerous early on in the game, it only takes one hit to take them out.

Bokoblin Archers are often found atop towers. Link can use Bombs to destroy the towers, bringing the Bokoblins down with them. Unlike the other Bokoblins, they do not sprint toward Link, but instead shoot Arrows at him. They are pretty much defenseless in close quarter combat, usually only requiring a single sword strike.

Cursed Bokoblin

Main article: Cursed Bokoblin
Cursed Bokoblin

Cursed Bokoblins are zombified enemies found within the underground section of the Ancient Cistern. They are much slower than the normal variation and do not have a sword to block Link's attacks. However, they are much tougher than they look, as they can take a seemingly endless amount of hits from Link's Sword. The most efficient way to defeat them is by using the Fatal Blow once they have been knocked down. Also, when Link brandishes any of the shields in the Sacred Shield series, the Cursed Bokoblins appear to be afraid of the shield and begin to retreat back from Link.[4]

In the battle with Koloktos, the boss has the ability to summon a small horde of Cursed Bokoblins. They are much easier to defeat because Link can defeat them with an ordinary sword strike, and there is no need for a Fatal Blow. They come in groups of three or four. When Link fights them outside the boss room, they often appear in huge numbers and, sometimes, if Link does manage to defeat one, another takes its place. They are also able to follow Link across many obstacles, such as climbing ropes.

Blue Bokoblin


The Blue Bokoblin is a very stronger variation of the standard Red Bokoblin. Because of this extra strength, it is much tougher to defeat. It has the same attack patterns as the Red Bokoblin, but has different clothing and skin color because of the fact that it hails from a different environment.[5]

Green Bokoblin


Green Bokoblins wield hammers and are seen to be wearing white skull caps and tooth necklaces. They are basically a dungeon version of the Red Bokoblin, but take slightly more damage.[6] These also come in an Archer variety which looks exactly the same as a Red Archer, only green.[7] They enjoy caves, and because of this, the color of their skin has turned green.


Main article: Technoblin

Technoblins are ancient Bokoblins that had access to high tech weapons.[8] These Bokoblins are often found when a Timeshift Stone is activated near a Bokoblin Skeleton in Lanayru Desert. The tactics for defeating this variation are the same as any other sword wielding Bokoblin. Link must be extra careful not to hit the sword they carry as it is electric and can be very dangerous to Link. If Link's Sword makes contact with this weapon, he is shocked and loses one heart.

When using a Shield against this type, it is best to use the Wooden Shield, Sacred Shield, or Hylian Shield because one strike from its weapon disintegrates an Iron Shield. When fighting a Technoblin that appeared in conjunction with a Timeshift Stone, if Link knocks it out of the time rift zone, it turns back into a skeleton.

Breath of the Wild

A Red Bokoblin

Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild come in many different varieties, such as the Blue Bokoblin, Silver Bokoblin, and the Stalkoblin. They can be found all over Hyrule, but tend to gather at various Camps, with other enemies like the Moblin and Lizalfos. If they eat any piece of fruit or meat, they will instantly regain 100 percent of their health.

Red Bokoblin

Red Bokoblins have 13 HP. They typically wield a range of Bokoblin-crafted weapons, including the Boko Spear, Boko Bat, and Boko Bow. Recoverable materials include Bokoblin Horns and Fangs.

Blue Bokoblin

Main article: Blue Bokoblin

A slightly stronger variant of the Red Bokoblin with 72 HP. Often seen wielding reinforced boko-weapons, such as Spiked Boko Bats or Spiked Boko Bows. Upon death, they may drop some Bokoblin Guts.

Black Bokoblin

Main article: Black Bokoblin

Even more powerful than the Blue variant, these Bokoblins are usually the leader of their pack. They attack quicker, and carry stronger, dragonbone weapons, including the Dragonbone Boko Club.

Silver Bokoblin

Main article: Silver Bokoblin
A Cursed Bokoblin

These are the most powerful versions of the Bokoblin in the regular mode of the game. They are much more aggressive than any other versions, and have faster attacking speed, especially with bows. They can carry elemental arrows, and have significantly more health than weaker variants. Upon death, they can drop rare materials such as Sapphire or Topaz, as well as an assortment of Bokoblin goods.

Golden Bokoblin

Main article: Golden Bokoblin

Golden Bokoblins are found exclusively in Master Mode, and have more health than their silver counterparts, though they carry the same weapons and drop the same items.


Main article: Stalkoblin

This variant of Bokoblin only appears at night, and behaves very similarly to creatures such as Stalchildren from previous games. They only have 1 HP, but when struck, their heads will drop to the ground, and will need to be destroyed in order to be fully rid of Stalkoblin. They often appear in groups of 2 or 3.

Cursed Bokoblin

Main article: Cursed Bokoblin

The Cursed Bokoblin only appears in areas tainted by the Malice of Calamity Ganon. They appear identical to the heads of Stalkoblin, though they are engulfed in a dark aura. They tend to spawn from a certain area of Malice, so destroying the source will prevent them from appearing.

Age of Calamity

Bokoblin are common enemies in Age of Calamity. First appearing in The Battle of Hyrule Field, Bokoblin appear in different physical sizes, which correlates with their overall power and health. Smaller Bokoblin often wield a Boko Bow or a Boko Club. Much larger Bokoblin can also be seen serving as Outpost leaders that need to be defeated for Link to capture an outpost

In The Battle of Hyrule Field, Link will encounter Blue Bokoblin. Later in the journey, more powerful Bokoblin, including Black Bokoblin and Silver Bokoblin will be more prevalent, as well as the undead Stalkoblin.

After each Bokoblin is defeated, they may drop a Bokoblin Horn or a Bokoblin Fang. Additionally, the player will receive a Bokoblin Trophy, which can be used to complete quests or upgrade weapons of the various warriors.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Cadence of Hyrule

Bokoblin appear in Cadence of Hyrule with the Green Bokoblin being the base model. All Bokoblin will raise their weapon in preparation for an attack, before jumping to the adjacent square. The Green Bokoblin will have a single heart of health, whereas the stronger Red Bokoblin have two hearts, and the Blue Bokoblin have three hearts.


  • The initial designs of Skyward Sword's Bokoblins looked "too cute", and thus were made scarier by sharpening their teeth and making their eyes narrower.[9]



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