Red Bokoblin

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Red Bokoblin
Red Bokoblin Skyward Sword




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Red Bokoblin are enemies from Skyward Sword.[1] They are one of the many variants of Bokoblin, including Blue Bokoblin and Green Bokoblin.

Skyward Sword


Red Bokoblin is the standard Bokoblin. They are the most common variant and the weakest. Red Bokoblin have two black horns on their heads and wear a leather vest and loincloth. These Bokoblins wield rusty machete-like swords when found in Faron Woods and a club covered in spiny green vines when found around Eldin Volcano. They move the sword from left to right, or hold it up, blocking directional attacks from Link's blade.

There are two main ways to defeat this type. Link can perform a carefully timed shield bash when they attack staggering them making an opening in their defense. This way is only useful when facing a single Bokoblin.

The second method of defeating them is taking the offensive and attacking the area that is not blocked by its weapon. This is a better tactic when facing multiple enemies because hitting a Bokoblin also staggers them leaving them open for additional attacks. If Link forms a slash from the right side and then immediately a slash from the left side, he'll be able to harm the enemy, even if the first attack is blocked.

Red Bokoblin occasionally drop Ornamental Skulls or Golden Skulls when defeated.


Main article: Red Bokoblin (Leader)

Red Bokoblin (Leader) have the same look and tactics as their standard Red Bokoblin counterparts. The only difference being the blue cap it wears and the horn it carries.[2] This variant occasionally drops a Monster Horn when defeated.


Main article: Red Bokoblin (Archer)

Red Bokoblin (Archer) is characterized by a skull cap and a bandanna covering its mouth. Every different colored Bokoblin Archer behaves generally the same way. When they spot Link, they raise an alarm much like the Bokoblin Leaders. Archers attack from a distance.[3] Although the Archers range can be dangerous early on in the game, it only takes one hit to take them out.

Breath of the Wild

A Red Bokoblin

Red Bokoblin in Breath of the Wild are the base versions of the enemy. They have 13 HP and typically wield different Bokoblin-crafted weapons, such as a Boko Spear, Boko Bat, and Boko Bow. When defeated, they will drop Bokoblin Horns and Fangs.

Cadence of Hyrule

In Cadence of Hyrule, Red Bokoblin are the second level of Bokoblin. They have two hearts, which is one more than the weaker Green Bokoblin, and one less than the stronger Blue Bokoblin.



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