Igneo Talus Titan

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Igneo Talus Titan


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"This monster is an Igneo Talus subspecies that is camouflaged as molten rock. It lives in lava for many years before emerging at an enormous size. It is wildly powerful and emits a tremendous amount of heat, causing a constant updraft in its vicinity. This monster is so fearsome it has earned the title of Titan."

— Hyrule Compendium Entry


The Igneo Talus Titan is a variant of the Igneo Talus which appear in Breath of the Wild. There is only one found in Hyrule, as a part of The Champions' Ballad DLC pack. It is situated inside of Lake Darman, and is much larger than standard Taluses. Upon defeat, Link will gain access to the Kamia Omuna Shrine.


For the most part, the strategy is similar, except for the size of it. Due to this increase in volume, a large updraft is present in the area. Link can catch the updraft and take aim at the Rare Ore Deposit located on its top. Loose an arrow at it to stun it, but Link cannot land on its surface unless it is cooled by a frost-based weapon, such as an Ice Arrow. After Link lands on its top, he can slash at the ore node to deal damage. Repeating this strategy will take it down after a few attempts, revealing one of the Shrines, as a part of the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial.

No other items are received as a reward, as they fall directly into the magma.