Electric Wizzrobe

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Electric Wizzrobe


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Greater Hyrule



"These spell-casting monsters can be found all over Hyrule. They use their lightning rods to hurl balls of electricity or to summon monsters surging with electricity and have been known to cause thunderstorms in the area. The weather will normalize once the Wizzrobe is defeated."

— Hyrule Compendium Entry

An Electric Wizzrobe is an enemy in Breath of the Wild. They prance about in select locations in Hyrule, and will only attack if Link nears. They will taunt him, and as he approaches, the Wizzrobe will teleport around and cast lightning spells at Link. If Link doesn't eliminate the Wizzrobe quickly, it will cast a strong thunder spell, which will cause powerful lightning storms to surround the area.

If hit by ball lightning from the Wizzrobe, Link will drop some of the items he has in-hand unless he has the Unshockable Set Bonus from an upgraded Rubber Set. Upon death, they will drop the Lightning Rod they carry.