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Official Artwork of Hinox from A Link to the Past


A Link to the Past
Quake Medallion
Link's Awakening
Sword - 8 hits
Koholint Sword - 4 hits
Boomerang - 4 hits
Bombs - 2 hits
Bow - 2 hits
Hook Shot - 4 hits
Magic Rod - 2 hits
Pegasus Boots - 4 hits



A Link to the Past
Dark World
Link's Awakening
Bottle Grotto
Eagle's Tower
Turtle Rock
Four Swords Adventures
Death Mountain Foothills
Palace of Winds
Phantom Hourglass
Dee Ess Island
Goron Temple
A Link Between Worlds
Breath of the Wild
Greater Hyrule


Hinox is a recurring enemy in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Link to the Past


Hinox are one of the first enemies that Link encounters when entering the Dark World. First found near the Pyramid of Power, these one-eyed monsters have the ability to toss bombs.

Hinox will move around rather slowly, but if they make eye contact with Link, they will charge in his direction. Even when the Hinox is charging, it does not move too quickly, so Link will have some time to react. While the Hinox will toss bombs out randomly, if Link strikes the Hinox with the Master Sword, the Hinox will immediately turn in his direction and toss a bomb.

These massive enemies are quite durable and will take a number of strikes to defeat. Link will need five direct swipes from the Master Sword to defeat them. Link can use its own power against them, defeating them with a single bomb strike. One might think arrows would work against these one-eyed creatures, but Hinox will need five direct strikes from the Bow and Arrow before he goes down.

The bombs that Hinox throw at Link will only do one heart of damage. However, if Link makes physical contact with the Hinox, three hearts of damage will be done to Link.

Link's Awakening

Hinox makes an appearance in Link's Awakening as the mini-boss of the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto. This version of Hinox is almost the same as the A Link to the Past version as far as attack style and visual appearance, although he may seem a little larger in Link's Awakening. Later, a red and blue Hinox appear as the mini-boss of Eagle's Tower and Turtle Rock. However, the behavior and strength of these two Hinoxes are the same as the first Hinox in Bottle Grotto.

The Hinox is more difficult than its A Link to the Past counterpart due to Link having to face it in a room instead of open space. It walks around the room slowly, and it occasionally charges and dashes toward Link. If Link gets close enough to the Hinox, it will grab him and toss Link to the side. Every time he damages the Hinox, it retaliates by throwing a bomb. Link can defeat it by using his sword to hit the Hinox. Also, Link can use bombs and the Bow to attack the Hinox. However, if Link has obtained the Boomerang or the Magic Rod, he can easily defeat the mini-boss with it.

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, the Hinox appear on Death Mountain Foothills as one-eyed ogres. They throw Boulders and shake Force Gems out of Link. There are a total of 23 Hinoxes, 20 of which can be defeated by entering a nearby cave obtaining the Quake Medallion and throwing it on them. The Hinox later appears in the Palace of Winds.

Phantom Hourglass

Main article: Eye Brute

In Phantom Hourglass, a similar enemy known as an Eye Brute appears on Dee Ess Island and Goron Temple. Unlike previous incarnations, the Hinox is now blue and its ponytail resembles a fuse of a bomb.

A Link Between Worlds

The Hinoxes in A Link Between Worlds are a lot like the Hinoxes in A Link to the Past. There is also a snow variant of the Hinoxes that are found only in the Lorule Death Mountain and throw snowballs at Link. There is also a Hinox in a secret cave, called the Cowardly Hinox, who will give Link Rupees. However, if Link asks for more Rupees too many times, the cowardly Hinox will attack Link and cannot be defeated. The only way to escape is to run out of the cave.

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, the Hinoxes appear similar to how they appear in A Link Between Worlds. They appear in Stage 4 of the level Hinox Mine, and are the main challenge of this level. Unlike in A Link Between Worlds, they wear helmets that resemble bombs. They ride on mine carts and will throw bombs at the three Links. In order to defeat them, they either have to be shot with a bow, or the Links will have to throw the bombs back at the Hinoxes.

Breath of the Wild


The Hinoxes in Breath of the Wild are mini-bosses that are sprinkled around the world of Hyrule; there are forty in total. They are usually found sleeping, and can be awakened with attacks or noise. There are multiple variants of the Hinoxes such as the standard red-skinned, blue-skinned, and black-skinned. They use their large size and fists to hurt Link. If Link gets close enough, they will try to punish him by stomping the ground below them. Often they use their environment to their advantage, which can include them uprooting nearby trees and attempting to flatten Link with them. However, they are fairly slow enemies and their moves can be telegraphed quite easily.

Hinoxes can be stunned by attacking their eye. However, after some time, the Hinoxes cover it when aimed at. As such, the player must wait for the Hinox to attack for them to uncover their eye.

Hinox monster parts are used to create elixirs, or to upgrade armor. The different types of Hinoxes do not represent different strength levels, but have different HPs and yields aside from toenails, teeth, guts and assorted weapons:

Hinox Type HP Extra Yields # of Individuals
Red Hinox 600 Non-cooked fruits 7
Blue Hinox 800 Cooked seafood 16
Black Hinox 1000 Cooked meat and poultry 7
Stalnox 1000 None; yields only Hinox Tooth* 10

(* note: The Stalnox at Hyrule Castle yields the Hylian Shield when defeated.)

If Link is stealthy enough, he can steal some of the weapons that usually hang around their necks by climbing on top of its hand while either wearing the Stealth Set or having consumed stealth-heightening elixirs/foods, and then the Hinox will place Link on top of its belly. These weapons range from rudimentary clubs and bows to broadswords and metal bows that may give an advantage to the attacker. The more HP a Hinox has, the better weapons it yields, and also, the more Scaling Points the player has (as they become stronger), the Hinoxes in general will have better weapons to yield. However, unlike other base monsters, Hinoxes do not change to stronger species under the same circumstances as there are no "Silver" variants in the base game, nor "Gold" variants in Master Mode; however, in the latter, Hinoxes do go up one berth, so there are no Red Hinoxes in Master Mode.

Five Hinoxes are tied to Shrine Quests to remove Ancient Orbs hanging from their chests, either by fighting them or by procuring the Orbs:

Three Hinoxes are present as part of the DLC-exclusive Trial of the Sword, not included in the total 40:

  • A Blue Hinox is the final boss of the Beginning Trials (floor 12);
  • A Black Hinox is the second boss of the Middle Trials (floor 10);
  • A Stalnox is the first boss of the Final Trials (floor 5).


  • Hinoxes are vulnerable to Urbosa's Fury strikes at a 300 HP damage per strike. As such, it takes 2 strikes to kill a Red Hinox and 2½ strikes for a Blue Hinox, but 3 strikes are not enough to kill a Black Hinox (1000 HP versus 900 HP damage), so it has to be finished with weapons.
  • Hinoxes don't need to be awake for them to receive damage, in spite of their health bar not showing until they face Link.
  • Albeit rarely seen, Hinoxes are fast swimmers, but they drown if they're in water for too long.
  • Slaying all 40 Hinoxes will reward Link with the Medal of Honor: Hinox when visiting Kilton. The award itself serves no purpose.
  • There are no Hinoxes in either Death Mountain or the Gerudo Desert, implying that they can't tolerate heat. The fact that they can be found at Hebra but not at the Gerudo Highlands implies that they may have been driven out of the Gerudo province altogether by the Gerudo people.

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