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Flying Tiles are irritating traps that appear in multiple The Legend of Zelda games. They are similar to flying jars in that they fly at Link when he nears them, but they are often laid out in patterns.


A Link to the Past

Flying Tiles appear in many dungeons in A Link to the Past. The tiles attack one at a time, and leave some design on the floor once they have all attacked Link.

Link's Awakening

Flying Tiles in Link's Awakening serve a similar purpose as they do in A Link to the Past, but now, occasional sets leave holes in the floor where they originally were.

Ocarina of Time

Flying Tiles are found in the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time. The floor tiles themselves float up and fly towards Link. They can be destroyed with just about anything, but probably the sword or Deku Nuts work the best. The better alternative is to simply use shield, or just dodge them.

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

In the Oracle series, Flying Tiles are found in dungeons, and function the same way they do in Link's Awakening.


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