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Pikits are enemies from A Link to the Past.

A Link to the Past


Pikits are encountered when Link journeys into the Dark World. They will hop around and when Link draws near, they will extend their tongue out towards him, trying to steal items from him. The Pikit can steal Rupees, Bombs, Arrows, and even Link's Fighter's Shield and Fire Shield. If a Pikit steals an item from Link, he will have an opportunity to get it back. Link will need to defeat the Pikit before the Pikit steals an additional item. Once the Pikit steals the second item, the first item will be lost forever.

Despite the Pikit's ability to steal items from Link, the tongue attack will not do any damage to him. However, if the Pikit does hop towards Link and comes into contact with him, two full hearts of damage will be done. Link is able to defeat a Pikit with three slashes from the Master Sword.

Pikits are most abundant around the Ice Lake at the southeast portion of the Dark World. However, they can also be found within Skeleton Forest and the Plains of Ruin.