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Mini-Moldorms are the smaller version of a Moldorm. Their abilities are not much different from their larger form.


A Link to the Past

Mini-Moldorm can be found in various caves and dungeons throughout A Link to the Past. They are first encountered in caves within Lake Hylia and on Death Mountain. The enemy is first encountered along the main quest when Link journeys into the Tower of Hera.

These creatures will move very rapidly and have quite random movements. They take two swipes with the Fighter's Sword to defeat, but this can prove to be difficult, given how quickly the Moldorms move. Link can use the Pegasus Boots and just run right through the moldorm, doing damage along the way.

While in the Tower of Hera, Link will take on a larger Moldorm in the form of the dungeon boss.

Link's Awakening

The Mini-Moldorm is a worm-like creature that randomly squirms around the floor, trying to run into Link. In tight spaces, it can be difficult to dodge their attacks. The easiest way of defeating a Mini-Moldorm is to wait for it to come toward Link and slash with the sword repeatedly. Staying out of their way is not a problem once their behaviors become familiar. Keeping the shield up may also be useful if they need to be passed.

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

A Link Between Worlds