Tal Tal Mountain Range

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Tal Tal Mountain Range

The Tal Tal Mountain Range is an explorable location in Link's Awakening. Link ventures throughout here for multiple reasons, including but not limited to discovering two dungeons as well rescuing a dear friend.


The Tal Tal Mountain Range is a large range of ups and downs, playing host to a network of tunnels as well as a rather large waterfall. In the east of the mountain range, Link will stumble across Eagle's Tower, the seventh dungeon of the game. To the westernmost parts, Link will find himself venturing deep within Turtle Rock, the eighth dungeon. At the peak of the Tal Tal Mountain Range lies Wind Fish's Egg, the final dungeon of the game where Link will face off with The Shadow Nightmares that keep the Wind Fish sleeping.


Main Plot

Marin trapped on a bridge in the Tal Tal Mountain Range

Link can first visit the Tal Tal Mountain Range as soon as he has Roc's Feather, but very little of the area beyond Mt. Tamaranch is available until he has the Power Bracelet. The first time his quest takes him there is while he is trying to reach the fourth dungeon, Angler's Tunnel. Without the Flippers, the only way for Link to enter the dungeon is by jumping from the cliff in Tal Tal Mountain Range after the waterfall disperses.[1]

Later, Link comes here with the Flying Rooster to obtain the Bird Key inside of a cave. This lets him open Eagle's Tower, which is at the top of the mountain range.

After he defeats Evil Eagle and emerges from the dungeon with the next Instrument of the Sirens and the Mirror Shield, Link can head toward Turtle Rock. However, on the way he finds Marin stuck on a bridge thanks to monsters.[2] Link can rescue her with the Hookshot. The Owl reveals that she had been attempting to awaken the Wind Fish with her favorite song.[3]

Finally, when Link completes Turtle Rock and obtains the final instrument, he hurries to the Wind Fish's Egg, which is found on Mt. Tamaranch.[4] In there he fights The Shadow Nightmares and awakens the Wind Fish.


The Photographer falling off of the mountain bridge

During the Trading Sequence, Link must take the Pineapple to Papahl, who has gotten lost in the mountains and requires food.[5] Papahl gives him the Hibiscus in return.[6]

In the DX remake of Link's Awakening, the Photographer appears on one of the mountain bridges to take a picture of Link.[7] However, he tries to back away and ends up falling over the bridge, taking the photo in mid-air.[8] He calls it "Close Call."[9]




Heart Pieces

Heart Piece #11

Main article: Link's Awakening Heart Pieces #11

A staircase is hidden under a bush across the bridges the west of the Hen House. Inside, Link can bomb the southern wall of the first room to reveal a secret passageway, which leads to this Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #12

Main article: Link's Awakening Heart Pieces #12

The final Heart Piece can only be reach through Turtle Rock. Inside the dungeon, Link will find a staircase in the northwest of the dungeon that leads to the outside. The Heart Piece is above the staircase, guarded by a Mini-Moldorm and a Raven.

Points of Interest

Eagle's Tower

Main article: Eagle's Tower

Eagle's Tower is in the north of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Link needs the Bird Key to open it, which can only be obtained if he enlists the help of the Flying Rooster.

Turtle Rock

Link awakening the Turtle Rock mini-boss
Main article: Turtle Rock (Link's Awakening)

Found in the southeast of the mountain range, Turtle Rock is the eighth and final dungeon of Link's Awakening. The entrance is guarded by a mini-boss that awakens to attack Link when he plays the Frog's Song of Soul.

Mt. Tamaranch

Main article: Mt. Tamaranch

Mt. Tamaranch is a large mountain situated in the very center of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. It is the resting place of the Wind Fish's Egg.

Hen House

Main article: Hen House

The Hen House is located in the north of the Mountain Range, some distance below Eagle's Tower. It is the home of the Henhouse Keeper and his Cuccos. His dream is to meet a Cucco that can fly, which comes true when Link revives the Flying Rooster using the Frog's Song of Soul.[10][11] The Flying Rooster goes to stay with the Henhouse Keeper in the Hen House once Link finishes the seventh dungeon.[12]

Great Fairy Fountain

A Great Fairy Fountain is located in the southeast on the path to Eagle's Tower. The Great Fairy will restore all of Link's health.[13]

Warp Hole

The range's Warp Hole

One of Koholint Island's four Warp Holes is found in the northwest of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. In order to reach it, Link must exit through a door in Turtle Rock. The Warp Hole is activated as soon as Link walks on to the screen with it, and he can use it to instantly be transported to the other three areas with Warp Holes.[14]



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