Warp Point

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Warp Point
LA19 Ukuku Prairie Warp Point.png
The Warp Point in Ukuku Prairie




A Warp Point is a location in Switch remake of Link's Awakening. They replace Warp Holes from the original version of the game. After Link activates a Warp Point, he can walk into it to warp to any other active Warp Point of his choosing.[1] Link can also teleport to any active Warp Point by playing Manbo's Mambo on the Ocarina in the overworld.

There are ten total Warp Points on Koholint Island. For those that are in plain sight, Link only needs to walk into them. Some, however, are hidden, and revealing them will activate the Warp Point without needing to actually walk onto them. These require either the Power Bracelet to lift a rock covering them up or the Shovel to dig them out of the ground. Manbo's Pond becomes an active Warp Point after learning Manbo's Mambo.

The locations of the Warp Points are:

A book called The Properties of Warp Points can be found in the Mabe Village Library, describing their abilities.[2]



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