Old Man Ulrira's House

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Old Man Ulrira's House

Old Man Ulrira's House is a location in Link's Awakening. It is located in the southwest of Mabe Village and serves as the home of Ulrira and Grandma Yahoo. Ulrira makes all of his phone calls to Telephone Booths from here. If Link enters the house and speaks to Ulrira, he shyly tells him to call outside.[1]

The house contains two beds and many chests at the back of the room. There is also a telephone that, when called, links to the someone calling themselves the "Bucket Mouse".[2]

Grandma Yahoo spends most of her time sweeping outside of the house when she is not in Animal Village. When Link brings her the Broom, she is overjoyed and gives him a Fishing Hook in return.[3][4]

In the DX version of the game, Link can gaze in through the right window of this house. The Photographer takes a picture of what Link is seeing and calls it "Link Discovers Ulrira's Secret!"[5][6]


  • The "Bucket Mouse" that Link calls in Old Man Ulrira's House is actually a mistranslation. It was meant to be "Bucketmouth", an actual fishing shop in Japan.[7]



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