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Grandma Yahoo
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Grandma Yahoo in the Nintendo Switch remake





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Grandma Yahoo, also known as Grandma Ulrira, is a character from Link's Awakening. She lives in Mabe Village in a house with Old Man Ulrira, where she is often seen sweeping outside of the house. Later in the game, she is found in the northeast of Animal Village.


Link's Awakening

Grandma Ulrira is a participant in the Trading Sequence. She works so hard that her broom is worn down to the handle.[1] When Link brings a new Broom from Mr. Write to her, she becomes very excited and asks if it is for her.[2] If he refuses, she snaps that he should sweep the whole island.[3] If Link gives it to her, she thanks him and gives him a Fishing Hook in return, which she claims to have found while sweeping near the river bank.[4]


The character is referred to as Grandma Ulrira in The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia. In the 2019 Remake of Link's Awakening, she is renamed to Grandma Yahoo.


  • In the release of Link's Awakening DX for the Nintendo 3DS, Grandma Yahoo's dialogue was slightly changed. Instead of greeting Link with "YAHOO!" , she says "HELLO!" or "YIPPEE!" This change did not persist into the 2019 remake for the Nintendo Switch, where her dialogue once again matched the original's.


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