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Rabbits are animals from Link's Awakening and Spirit Tracks.

Link's Awakening


The Rabbits in Link's Awakening are four creatures living together in the northwestern house of Animal Village. They serve a similar purpose to the Island Quadruplets of Mabe Village, offering random comments and occasionally useful advice. Like most animals, they love Marin and they fall into a trance when they hear her sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish.[1][2] They become very excited when she comes to the village, greeting her as "Little Marin".[3]

Locations and Comments

First Rabbit

The first Rabbit prefers to stay outside their house near the entrance to the village. He is the first person in the village that Link sees. The first thing he does is comment on the day and wishes that Marin was there.[4] Once Marin arrives, he, along with his two brethren, goes to listen to her sing in the southwest of the village. After she leaves, he yearns for her to come back.[5] He might also be the Rabbit that calls to Marin after she awakens the Walrus.[6]

Second Rabbit

The second Rabbit spends all his time in his house. Upon his first meeting with Link, he offers information on where to find Yarna Desert, which is where the Angler Key that Link requires for the next dungeon is located. He explains that it is through the East of the Bay area that is south of Animal Village, but warns him that he may not be able to get there if the Walrus is sleeping in the path.[7] Afterwards, he asks Link if he has heard of the Flying Rooster that used to live in Mabe Village.[8] This Rabbit is the only one that does not go to hear Marin sing when she visits.

Third Rabbit

The third Rabbit is found outside in the northeast of the village, between Schule Donavitch and the Hippo's residence and the Zora's house. He talks about how Mabe Village and Animal Village are "sister cities", and hints at the Ocarina that is hidden within Dream Shrine.[9] Once Marin has left, he reminisces on a dream he had in which he turned into a carrot.[10]

Fourth Rabbit

The fourth Rabbit is outside the Chef Bear's house in the southeast. He worries about Marin, claiming that monsters have prevented him from visiting her in Mabe Village.[11] In a later conversation, he addresses Link's question of how an animal can talk.[12] He mimicks the Island Quadruplets when he says "I'm just a rabbit, so I don't know!"; the Quadruplets always answer confusing questions by pointing out, "I'm just a kid!"[13][14][15]

Spirit Tracks

Main article: Spirit Tracks Rabbits

At one point in the game, Link comes upon the Rabbitland Rescue where Bunnio lives. He tells Link how there are Rabbits out and wants him to get them. Bunnio then gives Link the Rabbit Net. There are a total of 50 Rabbits, 10 in each of the realms. Once Link gets all the Rabbits and returns them to Bunnio, he gets the Swordsman's Scroll. Track them down by bombing the rocks they are hiding behind in. At times, Link might need Force Gems to have more tracks to cover more ground.


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