Fairy Queen

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Fairy Queen
LA Fairy Queen Fountain.png
The Fairy Queen from Link's Awakening


Queen of the Fairies






A Link to the Past
Pond of Happiness

Link's Awakening
Color Dungeon

Oracle of Ages
West of Eyeglass Island Library

The Wind Waker
Mother and Child Isles

Four Swords Adventures
Hyrule Castle

The Fairy Queen is the queen and leader of all the Fairies in the Zelda series. She often helps Link along his quest in some way.


A Link to the Past

Main article: Venus

The Queen of the Fairies, Venus, is found in the Pond of Happiness in A Link to the Past. Every time Link throws 100 rupees into her pond, she will increase his ability to hold bombs and arrows.

Link's Awakening

GreatFairy queen LA.gif

The Fairy Queen is only found in the DX version of Link's Awakening, in the Color Dungeon. After Link successfully defeats the Evil Orb, she will tell him that she is impressed that he made it so far and offer him the choice of the Blue Tunic or the Red Tunic.[1]

Oracle of Ages

Main article: Fairy Queen (Oracle of Ages)

The Fairy Queen is found just west of the Eyeglass Island Library in Labrynna's Past. Link will need to help her in order to enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures

Main article: Queen of Fairies

The Queen of Fairies appears in The Wind Waker on Mother and Child Isles. She will give Link the ability to wield the Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow.

In Four Swords Adventures, she appears within Hyrule Castle, the third stage of the Whereabouts of the Wind. She has been split into two River Zoras, and Link must bring the two to reveal themselves as the Fairy Queen.



  1. "Welcome, Link . I admire you for coming this far. I will give you the power of color. If you want offense, choose red. If you want defense choose blue. Which power do you want? RED BLUE" — Fairy Queen, Link's Awakening DX.