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Mamasha (Wife)
Joonya (Son)
Suhni (Son)
Lattie (Son)
Kidoh (Son)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
United States English Papahl
Germany Deutsch Papahl

Papahl is a character from Link's Awakening. He lives in the northernmost house of Mabe Village with his wife Mamasha, his baby, and his quadruplets. He also plays a role in the Trading Sequence.


Papahl can be met at the very beginning of the game. He is found inside of his home along with his wife, who asks Link for a Yoshi Doll for her baby.[1] If Link wins it from the Trendy Game and lets her have it, it will begin the Trading Sequence. Meanwhile, Papahl will introduce himself and mention that he is going to get lost in the hills later on.[2]

After obtaining the Pineapple from the Chef Bear, Link can find Papahl on a cliff in Tal Tal Heights. Just as he expected, he became lost in the mountains.[3] Papahl is famished and unable to continue, so he is extremely thankful when Link gives him the Pineapple and he eats it immediately.[4] Without anything else to give in return, he hands Link the Hibiscus.[5]



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