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Papahl (Husband)
Lattie (Son)
Joonya (Son)
Kidoh (Son)
Suhni (Son)

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Mamasha is a character from Link's Awakening. She lives in the northernmost house of Mabe Village with her husband, Papahl, and five kids: a newborn baby and the Island Quadruplets that are so similar that sometimes she cannot even tell them apart.[1] She plays a role in the Trading Sequence.

When Link first visits her in her house, she says that she wants to get a Yoshi Doll for her baby.[2] She claims that she tried to win it at the Trendy Game but failed.[3] Link wins it for her, and she tells him that he is a very generous person and gives him a Ribbon in return.[4][5]

Later, when Link visits her, she asks him to look for her husband in the forest, even though he is actually in Tal Tal Heights.[6] He is also a part of the Trading Sequence.



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