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Tal Tal Heights is a region of Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. It is the southern portion of the Tal Tal Mountain Range, situated to the east of Goponga Swamp. In addition, it is the only way to access Mt. Tamaranch, the location of the Wind Fish's Egg. The fourth dungeon, Angler's Tunnel, is located here.


Points of Interest

Angler's Tunnel

Main article: Angler's Tunnel

The fourth dungeon in the game, Angler's Tunnel, is found at Tal Tal Heights. To access it, Link must climb up to the Tal Tal Mountain Range after obtaining the Flippers and fall down the waterfall into Tal Tal Heights.[1]

Moblin Cave

Main article: Moblin Cave

The Moblin Cave is found in the west of Tal Tal Heights, just next to Goponga Swamp. It is home to a gang of Moblins, led by the Moblin Chief.[2] Link rescues BowWow here.

Raft Shop

Main article: Raft Shop

The Raft Shop is located in the southeastern corner of the region. Here, Link can rent a raft for 100 Rupees.[3] He will then be able to enter the Rapids Ride region, south of Tal Tal Heights.[4]

Camera Shop

Main article: Camera Shop

Only appearing in Link's Awakening DX, the Camera Shop is in the southwest of Tal Tal Heights.[5] It is the home of the Photographer and the Photo Album.

Warp Hole

One of Koholint Island's four Warp Holes is found in Tal Tal Heights, just east of Angler's Tunnel. If Link falls into it, he will be transported to one of the other portals in Tal Tal Mountain Range, East of the Bay, and Ukuku Prairie as long as he has visited them already.[6]


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