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Fishing Pond



Fisherman (Link's Awakening)
Fishing Hole Man (Ocarina of Time)



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Japan 日本語 つりぼり
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Italy Italiana Lago di Pesca

The Fishing Pond is a location in Link's Awakening and Ocarina of Time. In both games, it is the only location where Link can enjoy fishing.

Link's Awakening

The Fishing Pond in Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, the Fishing Pond is located north of Madam MeowMeow's House in Mabe Village. Link can fish there for 10 Rupees.[1] The pond is filled with three small fish and two large ones. The larger ones are more difficult to catch, but they yield better prizes. For each small fish Link catches, he receives 5 Rupees.[2] The large fish farthest from the platform gives Link 20 Rupees.[3] The other large fish gives him a Piece of Heart.

Ocarina of Time

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The Fishing Pond of Ocarina of Time is found in the northeast of Lake Hylia. While Link is a child, it can be accessed immediately from Hyrule Field, but as an adult, Link must either complete the Water Temple to raise the lake's water level or play the Scarecrow's Song and then use the Hookshot to reach the pond.

The Fishing Hole Man at the Fishing Pond lends Link a Fishing Rod for 20 Rupees.[4] Link can fish for as long as he wants; however, Link cannot take the rod out of the pond, or else the Fishing Hole Man stops him.[5][6] A sign is also posted inside the pond with the rules written on it.[7]

The goal of the Fishing Pond is to catch a fish that beats the current record in weight. As a child, any fish weighing ten pounds or more gives him a Piece of Heart. As an adult, the fish must weigh at least fifteen pounds for Link to receive the Golden Scale. Once Link has managed to beat these records, he can search for the Sinking Lure, which can appear in four different places around the pond. The Sinking Lure, although against the rules, lets Link catch the rare Hylian Loach as an adult. The Hylian Loach grants Link 50 Rupees in prize money, no matter the size.[8]


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