Sacred Forest Meadow

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Sacred Forest Meadow
The Entrance To The Forest Temple, With The Platform Where Link Warps To Infront




In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 森の聖域
France Française Bosquet Sacré
Spain Español Pradera Sagrada del Bosque
Germany Deutsch Heilige Lichtung
Italy Italiana Radura Sacra

The Sacred Forest Meadow is a place that appears in Ocarina of Time. It is where Link has to travel in order to learn Saria's Song from Saria. The meadow is split into two parts: the maze and the entrance to the Forest Temple. The Meadow is located within the Lost Woods and is very hard to find if Link doesn't follow the tune of the song playing in the Woods. A Fairy Fountain can be found in the middle of the maze.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.


After Link leaves the Kokiri Forest and is given a Fairy Ocarina by Saria, she will initially stand in her house for some time. Once Link gains access to Goron City, however, she will move to the Sacred Forest Meadow, and Link must find her there to learn Saria's Song, which is required to gain Darunia's favour.

Initially, the way to the maze is barred - Link must defeat a Wolfos to open the gate and gain access to the maze. This entrance clearing also contains a Secret Grotto, which can be opened with a bomb and has two more Wolfos. Defeating those summons a chest with a Purple Rupee.

Once into the maze, Link must make his way past a number of Mad Scrubs. On top of the maze hedges are two Gossip Stones, which can only be accessed by climbing the ladder at the far end and running back. In addition, a Fairy Fountain can be accessed from the top of the hedges.

Having passed the maze and the Mad Scrubs, he climbs a flight of stairs into the Meadow itself. There, past the Triforce Pedestal and broken stairs to the Forest Temple, Saria sits on a tree stump playing on her own Fairy Ocarina, and will teach Link her song. The only other object of note in this area is another Gossip Stone in the corner to the left of the entrance.


Seven years later, the area itself has changed very little, but the Mad Scrubs have been driven out and replaced by Moblins.

When Link returns, if he makes it past the maze, he sees the vacant tree stump where Saria once sat and is taught the Minuet of Forest by Sheik, allowing him to warp to the Triforce Pedestal in the centre on-demand.

Having been told Saria is in the Forest Temple, he can use a hookshot to bypass the broken stairs and enter the Temple, where he can awaken Saria as one of the Seven Sages.