Great Deku Tree's Meadow

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Great Deku Tree's Meadow

The Great Deku Tree's Meadow is a location in Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Great Deku Tree's Meadow is a grassy expanse separate from the rest of the Kokiri Forest. Link may not access it until he obtains the Kokiri Sword and purchases the Deku Shield. Mido believes "Mr. No Fairy" is not prepared to meet with a deity until he meets these minimum requirements.[1] Once Link obtains said items, Mido allows him to pass through the narrow, winding passage filled with Deku Babas.

Upon defeating these enemies, Link meets with the Great Deku Tree who informs him of the curse Ganondorf placed on him.[2] Link may only purge said curse by traversing the game's first dungeon—Inside the Deku Tree—and defeating its boss, Queen Gohma.

After completing this task, the Great Deku Tree reveals he would have died had Link completed the assigned task or not. Ganondorf's curse destined him to an untimely demise. The Great Deku Tree proceeds to inform Link of the Golden Goddesses, the Triforce, and the creation of Hyrule. The Great Deku Tree awards Link with the Kokiri's Emerald before passing away.

Seven years later, the Kokiri Forest is overrun with enemies after Ganondorf's ascension to power. Link must travel to the Forest Temple located in the Sacred Forest Meadow in order to awaken its sage, Saria. After doing so, the Kokiri Forest is peaceful once more and a Deku Tree Sprout surfaces in the Great Deku Tree's Meadow.[3]



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