Zora's Fountain

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Zora's Fountain
Zoras Fountain 1.jpg
A small part of the frozen Zora's Fountain





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ゾーラの泉
France Française Fontaine Zora
Spain Español Fuente Zora
Germany Deutsch Zoras Quelle
Italy Italiana Sorgente Zora

Zora's Fountain is a location in Ocarina of Time. It comes into play in the past as well as the future. It is the home of the Zora patron deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu.


In the past, Zora's Fountain houses Lord Jabu-Jabu and is temperate. Link first travels here in search of Ruto, after learning that she had been swallowed by Lord Jabu-Jabu via a message in a Bottle that he found in Lake Hylia. In order to get inside of Lord Jabu-Jabu, Link will have to give him an offering of Fish, at which time Lord Jabu-Jabu will open his mouth to eat the Fish. Link can then enter his belly. After finding Ruto, she will tell him that she is in here looking for the Zora's Sapphire, one of the three Spiritual Stones. She accepts Link offer to carry her around the Dungeon in search for the precious stone. After finding it on top of a circular platform, Link will throw Ruto on top so she can go get it. However, the moment she lands on the platform, it raises skyward, and into the room above. A minute later, it lowers itself and instead of Ruto, a Big Octo comes down, which starts the Mini-Boss fight. After defeating the Big Octo, Link finds his way to the Boss room, where he will find Barinade. After defeating Barinade, Link will find Ruto and leave the area. Outside, Ruto thanks Link for saving her by giving her the Zora's Sapphire.


In the future, the area is dotted with icebergs and is very cold. Zora's Fountain is located just behind and above Zora's Domain. To access it, Link must get King Zora to move by showing him the letter from Ruto. Here, the Ice Cavern can be found and inside Link can find the Iron Boots and Blue Fire. The Great Fairy Fountain can be found in the east corner behind Lord Jabu-Jabu's previous location. There are some rocks blocking the path to the cave, but they can be blown up with Bombs. Once inside, Link can play Zelda's Lullaby in order to summon the Great Fairy. She will then reward Link with Farore's Wind.