Iron Boots

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Iron Boots
The Iron Boots from Twilight Princess



Ocarina of Time
Ice Cavern
The Wind Waker
Ice Ring Isle
Twilight Princess
Mayor Bo's House


Sink to the bottom of water
Stick to metallic surfaces
Increase weight of Link


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ヘビィブーツ
France Française Bottes de Plomb
Spain Español Botas de Hierro
Germany Deutsch Eisenstiefel
Italy Italiana Stivali di Ferro

The Iron Boots are a very heavy type of footwear. They are found in three The Legend of Zelda series' games to date. When equipped, the Iron Boots greatly increase the weight of Link, allowing him to sink to the bottom of lakes, push down rusty switches, stick to metallic surfaces, and more. The Iron Boots are one of many equippable footwear in the series, including the Hover Boots, Kokiri Boots, Pegasus Boots, and the Boots.


Ocarina of Time

After traversing through the Ice Cavern, Link walks into a room with a single treasure chest. This chest contains the Iron Boots.[1] Afterwards, Sheik appears and begins to teach him the Serenade of Water. The boots are used to make Link sink in water, or resist high winds.[2]

The Wind Waker

After sailing to the Ice Ring Isle one square west of Forest Haven, Link can thaw the entrance with the Fire Arrow and follow the ice-covered path inside. At the end of the chamber, Link finds a treasure chest that contains the Iron Boots.[3]

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, the Iron Boots are given to Link by Mayor Bo. He does this after Link was told by Renado that the only way to reach the summit of Death Mountain, where the Goron Mines lie, he must beat the Gorons in a contest of strength. Renado explains that the only person he ever knew that was capable of beating the Gorons was Mayor Bo. Upon travelling back to the Ordona Province and into Bo's house, the mayor teaches Link the art of sumo wrestling, and if Link can beat Bo twice, he gives Link the Iron Boots.[4] He explains that the boots helped him defeat the Gorons.

The Iron Boots can be used to make Link heavier. This element is used in all sorts of ways in Twilight Princess, including to outstrength the Gorons, press rusty switches, resist high winds, and more. The Iron Boots are also used to stick to metallic surfaces. These surfaces are found commonly in the Goron Mines and in the Bridge of Eldin Cavern. While walking on these metallic surfaces, Link walks slowly, which is the result of the increased weight thanks to the Iron Boots. Link also walks slowly with the Iron Boots equipped on normal surfaces.



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