Iron Boots

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Iron Boots
Iron Boots from Twilight Princess



Ocarina of Time
Ice Cavern
The Wind Waker
Ice Ring Isle
Twilight Princess
Mayor Bo's House


Sinking to the bottom of water
Sticking to metallic surfaces
Increasing weight of Link


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ヘビィブーツ
France Française Bottes de Plomb
Spain Español Botas de Hierro
Germany Deutsch Eisenstiefel
Italy Italiana Stivali di Ferro

The Iron Boots are a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. When equipped, the Iron Boots greatly increase the weight of Link, allowing him to sink to the bottom of lakes, push down rusty switches, stick to metallic surfaces, and more. The Iron Boots are one of many equippable footwear in the series, including the Hover Boots, Kokiri Boots, Pegasus Boots, and the Boots.

Ocarina of Time

The Iron Boots are located within the Ice Cavern, where they are guarded by a White Wolfos. The boots can be used to walk around underwater, which is necessary in order to enter the Water Temple in Lake Hylia.[1] They can also be used to withstand the winds from fans found inside the Shadow Temple and Ganon's Castle.

In Ocarina of Time 3D, the Iron Boots are made an equippable item rather than appearing on the Equipment subscreen like Link's tunics. This was done to appease complaints about having to constantly pause the game to equip and remove them in the original game.

The Wind Waker

After sailing to the Ice Ring Isle one square west of Forest Haven, Link can thaw the entrance with the Fire Arrow and follow the ice-covered path inside. At the end of the chamber is a treasure chest containing the Iron Boots.[2] The main purpose of the Iron Boots in this game is to stand in the face of fierce winds, as is required to enter and complete the Wind Temple, and they can also be used to press down springboards and weighted switches. Their underwater functionality from Ocarina of Time has been removed entirely, however; like most items, Link is unable to equip them while swimming.

The Wind Waker was the first game to include the boots as an item rather than a piece of equipment, which would be carried on through the rest of their appearances in future games.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Link is given the Iron Boots from Mayor Bo of Ordon Village after being taught the art of sumo. The boots are the only things that will enable Link to stand against the great strength of the Gorons, and thus are required to climb Death Mountain and access the Goron Mines.[3]

In addition to their functioning against strong winds and while underwater, as in Ocarina of Time, the Iron Boots can also be used to walk on magnetic walls and ceilings and to activate special switches when used with the Clawshot. They are necessary in order to defeat several bosses in the game, including Fyrus, Morpheel, Argorok, and Zant.



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