Deku Seeds Bullet Bag

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The Deku Seeds Bullet Bag[1][2] is an item from Ocarina of Time.

When Link obtains the Slingshot Inside the Deku Tree, he gets the first Deku Seeds Bullet Bag along with it, which can hold up to 30 Deku Seeds. There are two upgrades, which can hold up to 40 and 50 Deku Seeds, respectively. The upgrades can be obtained in either order. One can be acquired in the Lost Woods just to the right when entering where a tree with a hanging target is situated. If Link shoots at the center of the target three times with 100 points, a Deku Scrub will show up and reward Link with a bullet bag upgrade.[3] The other one can be acquired in the Shooting Gallery in Hyrule Castle Town. If Link wins a game with a perfect score, the shop owner will reward Link with a bullet bag upgrade.[4]


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