Forest Medallion

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"You received the Forest Medallion! Saria awakens as a Sage and adds her power to yours!"

— N/A

The Forest Medallion is the second of the six Medallions in Ocarina of Time. Link gets this Medallion after completing the Forest Temple. Once Link defeats Phantom Ganon, the Sage of Forest, Saria, awakens and tells Link that she believed he would rescue her.[1] Afterwards, she rewards Link with the Forest Medallion.[2] After Link receives the Forest Medallion from Saria, he can continue his quest in search of the rest of the Medallions.


  1. "I always believed that you would come. Because I know you... No... You don't have to explain it to me... Because it is destiny that you and I can't live in the same world." — Saria, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "I will stay here as the Forest Sage and help you... Now, please take this Medallion..." — Saria, Ocarina of Time.