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This article is about the wallet found in Majora's Mask. For the wallet found in Ocarina of Time, see Adult's Wallet.
Adult Wallet




Store Rupees


The Adult Wallet is the first upgrade to Link's Wallet in Majora's Mask. It is the first Wallet in Majora's Mask that actually has a name; Link starts off the game with a Rupee limitation of 99 Rupees, yet no indications of a Wallet in his equipment is noted.


The Adult Wallet can carry an alright amount of 200 Rupees. It is not an awesome amount, but it is much better than the 99 Rupees Link carried before he acquired this.


The Adult Wallet appears in Majora's Mask as a brown sack with a silver hexagon on the front. This silver hexagon looks very similar to a Silver Rupee that can be found in this game.

Acquiring the Adult Wallet

The Adult Wallet is acquired from the Clock Town Bank. If Link deposits 200 Rupees into the Bank, the Banker rewards Link with the Adult Wallet.


Main article: Giant Wallet

The Adult Wallet only has one upgrade in Majora's Mask; the Giant Wallet. This massive Wallet carries up to 500 Rupees. It is acquired by collecting all 30 Gold Skulltula Tokens from the Oceanside Spider House in the Great Bay Coast. A man appears at the entrance and gives Link the Giant Wallet.